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Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2005 5:45 PM
> You are a failure and a false prophet.
> Like hundreds of false prophets before you, you shall
> fail.
> Our prophetic message was founded on saints with
> thousands of hours of prayer and Bible study.
> And you come along to try to draw a following to
> yourself.
> You will pay a heavy price for your sin.
> Pastor Bob

This answer was received in an hour after my message was send. I do not show the e-mail addresses and the full names with the propose not to reveal identities of the pastors who should not be the pastors. In my opinion pastors have to be wise and do not make comments without  a proof. Maybe it is only my opinion...

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Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2005 8:40 PM
> You are on dangerous ground! You are adding and taking away from the word of
> God! "As you see it!!!"
> Satan has filled your heart with demented hate and lies. Do not send me any
> more of your unsolicited satanic anti Christ tripe.   your "personal"
> revelations will lead many to the gates of hell!  I beg of you in the name
> of Jesus Repent! Repent in the name of Jesus repent!

>  Pastor Ric 

Never in my life I was called a lair. I never add, never took away from the Word of God. To make a statement like this you need at first to understand what I'm talking about.


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From: "Will Baron" <WillBaron@CultRescue.org>
Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2005 8:33 PM

> Dear Irina:
> I have visited your very interesting website. Your passion
> for the Word and for ministry is very much appreciated, even
> though I hold to a different view on some of your beliefs.
> You may find the following website to be of interest:
> www.EllenGWhite.info >
> in His service,  Will

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From: "Irinashka" <irinashka@bainbridgeisland.net>
Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2005 3:02 PM

 Dear Will, 
Thank you for your kind words regarding of my website, it is a very rare case after I sent my letter to all Adventist world. The people do not want  to see anything in the Bible if it is contradicts EW’s teachings. I became a liar, a false prophet, a demon possessed right away. The sad  part is that most such kind of letters came from Adventist pastors.

I had studied your website www.EllenGWhite.info, I see you believe that EW was the prophet, but I like your approach: “You decide”, at least you are open for discussions.  I did believe in that also, but not anymore. And the reason wasn’t a some book of anti-SDA preachers, the reason was my own search in the prophecies. Nothing in her teachings matches with the Bible prophecies. At first I thought that she described events of the future out of not completed visions therefore it had mistakes. In that state of  my mind I was working on my message. Later I discovered more and more mistakes and I couldn’t think about her as about the prophet of God anymore. Just before the end of my work I received one of  the antiSDA book (my husband ordered it when he got curious if I’m right or wrong about EW) and I posted a couple EW’s contradictions with Bible on my first page from that book. After I had received replies from some Adventists I understood that the citations were well known to them and what were obvious contradictions for me,  they explained it in different way. So I took some of them away to let people read further than the first page. When people want to see a prophet, what can stop them? People see her predicted the first and second world wars, the bombs from heaven, but she just had described the scenes of Revelation: the first war after the opening the 6-th seal, the second war after the 6-th bowl, the hailstones of fire. I would go through her visions posted on your website to see what is a real base undo every her prediction, but now I do not have a time for that. 

Had you ever thought why EW got too many visions? Why Daniel was awaiting for a vision from God for years, and she had received them on a regular base: 2 or 3 in a month? Yes she was a very sincere and devoted Christian, she believed she had visions from God, she made to believe in it every her reader because of her sincerity. However with all the mistakes she did how we can ever call her the  prophet of God. A prophet of God never makes  false predictions. Yes, she had visions, she wasn’t a liar, but they were not from God. They were result of her own psychological condition. In the age of 9 EW had a severe brain injury, she barely survived, she couldn’t breeze by her nose for 2 years,  for years she couldn’t continue her education because of that. Her hands were shaking, she couldn’t concentrate. Do you really think that kind of trauma would go away for good?  You can open any medical encyclopedia and search for a   late post-traumatic seizures, the symptoms are varying depending of  what part of brain was injured. It will explain all her visions “from God”. Her visions  were nothing other, than sound and visual hallucinations  of a late post-traumatic seizures. These are a very rare  consequences of  a serious trauma of   the  temporal lobe of the brain. As EW was a very religious person with a bright imagination, her hallucinations were always religious and bright. That form of seizures can be repeated on the regular base even 2 or 3 times in a month.

In your website you said “Ellen White predicted that Adventists who gave up faith in her ministry would tend to doubt the Bible”. What a strange idea. I do not doubt the Bible and never will, but I really doubt her and always will.

Dear Will, I do not write this letter with a propose to hurt you but only to clear the pass: if there are contradictions we need to decide to whom to believe, to EW or to the Bible. I chose the second.

Please, read carefully my website and give me your comments after you will done to read it. I will place your letter on my website for the discussion, and I will answer on your letter there. So, please do not miss details. There will be not only people watching, but God Himself: how far you will go to prove that EW was the prophet of His.

 Sincerely, Irina

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From: "Will Baron" <WillBaron@AdventWeb.org>
Sent: Sunday, November 06, 2005 5:34 PM
> Dear Irina:

> Like yourself, I am a passionate student of Bible prophesy.
> When I wrote to you last week I had already carefully
> reviewed your website. However, at this time I am very busy
> working on some other website projects and know that right
> now it is not possible for me to study your own prophetic
> understandings in greater detail, and to comment on them.
> On your website, as in the document files you sent to me by
> attachment, you cover a large amount of prophetic territory.
> In my humble (and preliminary) opinion, I find that some of
> what you say makes sense. However, I find that some of your
> other conclusions could not stand the test of a wise and
> insightful critique.
> As it says in the Bible -- "The first to present his case
> seems right, till another comes forward and questions him"
> (Proverbs 18:17 NIV).
> In regard to your opinion on Ellen White, it is the easiest
> thing in the world to type on a computer keyboard, "I know,
> that Holy Spirit directs me in delivering this message to all
> of His people....."
> Of Ellen White you say, “Yes she was a very sincere and
> devoted Christian.”  From your statement, it appears that the
> main critics of Ellen White do have considerable differences
> of opinion. One of Ellen White’s main critics, Sydney
> Cleveland, recently had this to say:
> “EGW was a false prophet, a crook, a liar, a thief, a
> necromancer, a servant of Satan and a lost soul who departed
> beyond the redemption of Jesus Christ through her consistent
> refusal to confess and repent of her sins.”
> Given enough time, the “spirit” inspiring some of the critics
> apparently begins to reveal itself in their differing views.
> If the critics were moved by the Holy Spirit, we should at
> least expect some consistency and unity.
> Your personal view on the origin of Ellen White’s visions is
> apparently taken from the material written by fellow critics
> Molleurus Couperus and Delbert Hodder, as posted on Dirk
> Anderson’s “EllenWhite.org” website.
> Inrina, Have you yourself had mystical dreams and visions so
> that from personal experience you truly “know” what
> a “visionary” experience is and what it involves?  Have you
> personally had an epileptic seizure so that you truly “know”
> what such an experience is and can tell the difference
> between a seizure and a vision?
> I personally have not received visions and dreams from God.
> However for about 12 years I was a New Age mystic who
> experienced some visions and dreams from the realm of the
> satanic spirits. The book DECEIVED BY THE NEW AGE (Pacific
> Press) describes some of these experiences. I can
> authentically claim to be personally familiar with the
> mystical visionary process.
> Couperus and Hodder have never had a visionary experience,
> either divine or satanic. Neither have they had an epileptic
> seizure. In all the thousand’s of cases of seizures reported
> by epileptics, the “visionary” or “mystical” aspect lasts for
> just a few seconds at most, and invariable exclusively
> involves only psychedelic sensations of light or some vague
> noises. NEVER in the annals of medical history has there been
> anyone reporting “intelligent” mystical experiences during
> epileptic seizures. Never has an epileptic ever received
> intelligent information during a seizure and has written even
> a single page on the intelligent information received, let
> alone writing a vast amount of material and becoming the most
> prolific woman author of all time.  What Couperus and Hodder
> are concluding about the source of Ellen White’s visions is
> utterly absurd, both from a medical and a mystical
> perspective. And gullible people who have neither knowledge
> of mysticism nor of neurology are quick to swallow their
> nonsense. 
> Irina, you say, “Nothing in her teachings matches with the
> Bible prophecies.”
> This is quite a sweeping statement. I doubt if your “nothing”
> assertion would stand the test of intelligent examination.
> Ellen White herself stated that her writing should never be
> viewed as “inerrant”.
> FYI – you may be interested to know that the material in the
> book Great Controversy on the Seven Trumpets was not actually
> written by Ellen White. It was penned by the Adventist
> scholars with the goal of giving Great Controversy a more
> practical application. Ellen White did consent to allow the
> historicist material on the Trumpets to be inserted into the
> Great Controversy, but she did not write that material. I
> thought you may find this to be of interest.
> May the Lord give us wisdom and lead us into all truth.
> in Him,
> Will
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From: "Irinashka" <irinashka@bainbridgeisland.net>
To: <WillBaron@CultRescue.org>
Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2005 7:59 PM

> Dear brother Will,
> You know, I really like your patience. It is a big pleasure for me to read
> your humbled letters, knowing that you are writing to the person who is not
> agree with you.
> As I already told, I was working on the prophecies only. I didn't have any
> interest in what E.W said about that, I saw Adventist mistakes in
> explanation of the prophecies and I tried to show to some Adventist what
> Bible says about some of the prophecies. I got the same answer from all of
> them: "EW already explained it to us, and we do not need to look for some
> another versions. What you are saying is wrong and unbiblical, because it
> contradicts...EW(?!)". Unbiblical because it contradicts EW?  However it
> doesn't contradict the Bible.
> I was living with that dilemma for a long time, because I found more and
> more proof that Bible says different to what EW said. I saw in her books a
> very honest person, a person who loves God with all her heart, a person who
> had visions from God, but the visions were contradicting the Bible. When I
> said "Nothing in her teachings matches with the
> Bible prophecies" I meant that. I didn't know what to think. It was a very
> hard for me: I couldn't imagine that EW could lie and I saw the
> contradictions of her words with the Bible.
>  I received the AntiSDA book when my work was almost finished. I didn't know
> before that there are anti-SDAers. I found their website links in the book
> and looked through them. In many areas I'm not agree with them. Actually I'm
> agree with them only in the issue about EW, nothing else. And even in the
> materials about EW I found too much unnecessary information. So, I don't
> think it is right to include me to their circle.
> Yes, I found the information about EW's brain injury on www.EllenWhite.org
> website. It just put all pieces of my puzzle on their places. Now I could
> have my peace in mind: I could continue to think about her as about a
> honest, God loving person, who just had wrong  visions. I looked in my
> medical encyclopedia, and it confirmed that visions can be the result of a
> very serious brain trauma. No, I didn't have a such trauma, I can not tell
> you anything from my personal experiences. However if I even had it, it
> would be probably not a trauma what EW had. Remember, she barely survived.
> And a brain is a such unique organ that nobody can say for sure: with this
> trauma you will have this and this syndrome.
> Yes, I had two very little visions, which are very precious for me. When I
> was working in a big bank in Russia just before the huge financial crisis,
> there a big stuff reduction had to take place. In that time stuff reductions
> were everywhere in my city, so it was unlikely for me that I will find a
> some job fast if I would be faired. I had raised two my children alone and
> almost didn't have any support from my ex-husband. Money what I received in
> the bank were just enough to make ends meet. That was a very hard time. In
> that time I didn't have a bible, I didn't know anything from the Bible, but
> I believed in God. I prayed to Him, and He had showed me a little vision. I
> saw a huge stairway coming up to heaven. I saw a big man in white with long
> white beard sitting on the top of the stairway in the throne. And I saw myself so
> miserable and little kneeling before the stairway. I felt miserable. It was a short vision, but
> I will remember it all my life. I was a one who most likely would be fired
> with first people, because my education of Philologist wasn't a something
> that the bank needed most. However I knew that I will continue to work
> there, because the vision and comfort God gave me. I was fired only  2
> years later, when my bank was completely bankrupted and from about 150
> workers only 4 left, who were working with bankrupt papers.  And after that
> God took care of us as nobody could. I would write a book how many
> miracles God had done in my life.
> The second vision was even better. I was already married my American husband
> Berry, I already read the Bible and was working on my book "I stand at the
> door and knock". One evening we were driving home after my husband's job,
> where he often was taken me to. He was at the wheel, I was sleeping. I don't
> even know how can I describe the vision. Right through my dreams a light
> flashed in my eyes, it wasn't a light from outside, it came from inside of
> me, the light was with numbers: with every flash I saw numbers 5,5,32. The
> three flashes. I awaked and thought, what was it? I was still very sleepy. In that time period I had been working on the prophecies, so  I thought, what is it,  May 5,1932? What happened in May 5,1932?  Nothing. I fell asleep again. There was a second time the flashing with the
> same numbers. It made me curious, but I still couldn't even guess what it
> can be. I thought something wrong with me. I again close my eyes and tried
> to sleep again. And there the third time was the same thing. I couldn't
> sleep anymore. I understood that it is not my imagination. I understood that
> I need to search the answer to my flashings in the Bible. We were close to
> home, I came into the house and at first I took my Bible. There was the
> message for me. In Old  and New Testament, in 5-th book, in 32 verse. Do you
> know, I really don't think that I got the 2 my visions from Satan.
> Thank you, Will. I don't know why, but I really love you. Please, read my
> work and after that make your commentary, until then there is no reason to
> discuss this.
> Your sister in Jesus (though not in EW),
> Irina

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From: Cyril G. Hartman

Sent: Wednesday, November 09, 2005 12:17 PM

 Dear Irina,

        Thank you for your response.  I have read all of your 29 entries regarding prophecy at your web site and have them on my computer here, so I do know what you are thinking.  I am very familiar with the anti-Adventist anti-EGW web sites and have engaged several of them in discussion including the one that posted Dr. Couperus's article.  What I have found is that they are not telling the truth and when I show this, they don't want to talk to me any more.  That tells me something!  The Bible tells us to warn those who are in error.  (Ezekiel 3:17-21)  What will be the attitude of one who is warned?  Here it is: Gratitude and acceptance or rejection as stated here in Proverbs 1:5, 7 A wise man will hear, and will increase learning. . . . but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

        I wouldn't bring up Ellen White to discuss anything about her if you had not brought her up many times in your articles about prophecy.  And basically you have dismissed her reliability about prophecy.  And I'm sure you believe and have stated that she is not reliable.  We can not believe your interpretations of prophecy if we believe she is reliable--that is plain to see.  However, what I am saying is that the many evidences that you give of her unreliability have been proved false, most of them 50 to 125 years ago at least!

        So, you have given the things against Ellen White's reliability.  Have you read or carefully weighed the other side of the story in each of these instances you have brought up against her reliability?

        I know that the anti-people are out there and are saying that our Bible teachings are based on Ellen G. White.  But, that is not true, but it seems that you have believed them.  I'm sorry that SDA's have been giving you the reason for our believing basic Bible teachings by giving Ellen G. White as the source.  Shame on them for their lack of Bible knowledge.

        From your prophecy write-up, it seems apparent that in order for you to be believed, you felt that you first had to discredit Ellen White since you mention her several times with discrediting statements.  If you want us to be selective in what errors we see in your prophetic interpretations, we can do that, but keep in mind that you are putting a blinder over your eyes and avoiding what is obvious errors in your statmements about Ellen G. White.  It's your web site and you can do as you like, but the glaring errors which can easily be pointed out are the misstatements about Ellen White--not her teachings, but simple facts:
1.  A medical diagnosis of her. …

  1. Whether she established the doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  And whether she was its founder.
  2. Whether she made all the errors or mistakes that you list.  (Almost, if not all, of these have been refuted.)  But, you are only giving one side of these "errors"--the negative one.  Hence, you statements reveal unscholarly bias.  And right or wrong in your biblical interpretations, you are starting out "on the wrong foot."  And this makes it very hard to believe that your work is reliable and worthy of consideration.

4.  Bad timing.  As the world's attention has been focused on the longevity of Seventh-day Adventists by the November 2005 article in the National Geographic magazine and on their web site,(http://www7.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0511/sights_n_sounds/index.html), your prophetic article downing the reliability of EGW seems like bad timing because they got the longevity by following the directions in the four hour non-breathing health vision she had at a funeral in 1868!  And you think it was all an epileptic seizure!

      May I suggest that if you don't want us to mention anything in our discussion questions and response to your article that you remove all reference to Ellen G. White from your article?

         Now, Irinashka, I know that all this is hard for you to take, but please take it as coming from good intentions and wishing the best for you personally.

With love from your brother in the Lord,


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From: Irinashka
To: Cyril G. Hartman
Sent: Monday, November 14, 2005 9:52 PM

Dear Cyril, 

my website is not about EW, it is about the prophecy. All Adventist teachings of the prophecy are completely based on “Great Controversy” and they are wrong. I just needed to show an Adventist point at first and after to show a Bible point. And because all Adventist points in the prophecies are just repeating EW’s visions, I put the source first. My website is open for discussions about prophecies. If you think I’m wrong, please support your point with Scriptures and I will place your letter for discussion. I read your letters, I understand your point, I do not have any explanations to her visions, I just know God would not show her anything that contradicts the Scriptures. You are trying to prove that EW had visions from God by basing on the witnessing of a couple persons. I’m proving that she did not have the visions from God by basing on the witnessing of the Scriptures alone. I do not know about those people anything, but I do know the Scriptures. So, please,  base your arguments on the Scriptures. You can do that.  

About E.White’s health reform. There is nothing special in it. Vegetarianism and its benefits were known for centuries. Vegetarianism is part of many religions, most popular of which are Buddhism and Jainism in India, Taoism, Confucianism in China.  E.White got her vision of health reform in 1863 (according to you - in 1868). In 1881 a vegetarian society has been founded in Paris. The founders of the society had nothing to do with E.White’s vision. The International Vegetarian Union was founded in 1908 when the first World Vegetarian Congress was held in Dresden, Germany. The idea for IVU came from the French Vegetarian Society. Since then a series of World Congresses have been held all around the world. The Vegetarian Union has nothing to do with E.White’s vision either. Sorry, but it is true.

With love,
your sister in Jesus,

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> From: "Jon Paulien" <jonp@andrews.edu>
> To: "Irina Ball" <irinashka@iisusbog.com>
> Sent: Sunday, November 20, 2005 2:46 PM
> Irina,
> I have taken the time to read through your material. Most of the arguments
> (except for the numerical speculations) are familiar to me and I believe
> they all have significant flaws. What I fail to see is the spiritual value
> in your materials, even if they were true, which I do not believe.
> I do not question that the Spirit may have a spiritual lesson for you to
> learn. I do not find it compelling as an authoritative piece for others
> beside yourself.
> I wish you God's best.
> Jon Paulien

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From: "Irinashka" <irinashka@bainbridgeisland.net>
To: "Jon Paulien" <jonp@andrews.edu>
Sent: Sunday, November 20, 2005 8:51 PM

> Dear Jon,
> If you would read my material you would see the spiritual value of the
> message and its  great importance. If you would have a patience not to look
> through, as you did, but actually to read it, you would see the harmony and
> beauty of the message.
> Why are you so quick with your judgment? I’m sending this material to
> educated Adventists so they could check it and bring the value of the
> message to the people. However you couldn’t step over my bad English and
> first examples from EW’s writings, which were not in harmony with the
> reality. These two obstacles had blinded you and you were not able to read
> the message without an anger. I bet you made your conclusions about the
> worthlessness of my message in the first 5 minutes.
> Why can’t you realize that I have nothing, but many answers like yours, from
> sending my message. Do you really think that I’m boasting or I want to prove
> something to somebody? What is the point for me to do that? I have enough
> accusations from people like you, and it is really hurts me, because it was
> a really hard work, because I know how important the message is, because I
> know that Holy Spirit was working through me, you believe me or not. That is
> why I’m swallowing all people’s accusations, all “I do not believe”’s,
> because the only opinion about me and my work which most important for me is
> His opinion. And if you, like many others, trying to prove how miserable I
> am with my stupid worthless message in the eyes of such honorable God’s men
> as you are, it is not surprise for me any longer. You do not need to prove
> anything: I’m miserable, a just housewife, a foreigner with bad English, how
> dare I’m trying to show God’s men their mistakes.
> However, dear Jon, it is not me who is miserable in His eyes now. Your
> letter is full of pride, and that is very sad for me. Please, beware of
> pride. “Only by pride cometh contention: but with the well advised is
>  wisdom” (Prov.13:10). “Let not the foot of pride come against me”
> (Ps.36:11),  “Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser:
> teach a just man, and he will increase in learning” (Prov. 9:9).
> Dear Jon, I can’t be annoying, I just really wish  that you would read my
> message.
> With love in Jesus,
> Irina
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