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The incorporated Committee has found, that Freemasonry  was a "moral evil," a "financial evil," and a "political evil."

A report of  the Committee to the New York Senate noted that there were approximately 30,000 Freemasons in the State of New York, which is  about one-forth of the eligible voting population ,"yet they  held for forty years, three-fourths  of all public offices in the State *.

According to the witness of a  former mason  William Schnoebelen ( Masonry: Beyond the Light , 1991), masons of higher  degrees practice sex with  children. They  believe, that sex with children  is  one of the ingredients  of the elixir  of immortality. It was noticed, that children who were subject to sexual violence, become mature  faster . They lose carelessness, gaiety, mobility peculiar to their age, i.e. they as though lose the youth .Masons consider, that the sexual relations with little children  allow them to accumulate the youth, lost by children, and help them to open a door into  the unknown.

As a  true child  of the satan, Freemasonry   follows all its tactics: attracts a man by beautiful false words about self-perfection and brotherly love to withdraw him, whatever  it cost, from  God. When the man is invited to rise in a degree,  more and more secrets are opened to him , as  long as, finally, at  about  the 28-th degree he understands, that he worships the Lucifer a  good god.  He  was carefully prepared for this discovery  so he can observe this brilliant inflow of spiritual light without  damaging  his sight!

Masons of higher degrees supervise political, economic and cultural life all over the world. The knowledge  of Masonic  symbols will help us to understand, for how strong the control is .

The uninitiated are purposely entered into error by false interpretations Masonic symbols **. 

* Paul A. Fisher, Behind the Lodge Door, 1988,p. 35.
**Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, p. 819.     

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