This work is devoted to decoding  Bible prophecy. Today you can see many websites devoted to Bible prophecies. Everywhere you can read very promising titles "Everything you want to know about the "Revelation"", "Book of Daniel", lessons and presentations about these two books. That always made me feel uneasy: how ever people can claim that their work is correct without addressing to all prophets of the Bible. 

So what is different about this work? 
ALL PROPHECIES RELATED TO THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS are presented in this work, therefore this work CAN BE fully trusted.   

Because the author of the work was the member of the  Seventh Day Adventist Church for about 4 years, this was first addressed only to Adventist church members. A CD of this work was sent by mail to 56 major Adventist institutes of the USA and Canada on August , 2005. It was also presented to many Adventist pastors at the Alberta Camp meeting (Canada) in July, 2005. By e-mail it was sent to many English speaking Adventist churches worldwide, whose email addresses were available through internet research programs (autumn of 2005). 

I was very surprised with the negative reactions  brought out by my work. I had understood that for many Adventists unbiblical traditions of their church are more important than the truth of the Bible. 

I know that the Holy Spirit directs me to bring this message to all His people. I'm not trying to achieve popularity, as some Adventists began to claim right away. I do not boast pride in my work, but I claim responsibility. I have to inform others, for I am just His servant. I receive no monetary consideration for my work. I have done that which was my duty to do - (Luke17:10). I am not going to organize a church. I do not have any desire to prove vs. revenge myself for the insults I have received.  God is the Judge for those people. I left the Adventist church not wishing to listen to man's doctrines or a false prophet's interpretations any more, however I have nothing against the church's members, who are still our friends.

It wasn't easy for me to realize, that ideas represented in this work, were given to me by the Holy Spirit. Revelation says: "And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life " (Rev 22:19). I was very cautious with the Scriptures, and only when I understood for certain, that ideas emerged in my consciousness, proceeded not from me, for "No prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation" (2Pet.1:20)  I was ready to offer them to others.

I do not presently belong to any Christian denomination or affiliation, and everything which is submitted here, is absolutely independent research based only upon the Bible, historical materials and information from encyclopedias.

In the work there will be many cross-references to Adventist doctrines because their church is the one of few that teaches about the Second coming of Jesus and explains Bible prophecies. Therefore it was necessary to show mistakes of their doctrines, which are  mostly based upon the writings of Ellen G. White (1827-1915), who they consider their prophet of God.

150 years ago Ellen White, ignoring the prophecy regarding the restoration of Jerusalem, the prophecy that knowledge about God had to reach all corners of the world and many other prophecies that had to be fulfilled before Jesus' Second coming,  still had prophesied that Jesus would come shortly and all Bible prophecies already had been fulfilled in her time. So 150 years ago she taught that 6 seals were opened, the mark of the beast and the antichrist already were in place, etc.  Adventists still teach the same things as she did, today.

The Second coming of Jesus is very close, therefore, as never before, we need to know for certain, what the Bible says about what awaits us in the coming years.

Please, don't reach conclusions without reading to the end, because "He who answers a matter before he hears it, it is folly and shame to him" - (Prov.18:13).

Detailed explanation of Bible prophecy presented in this work will not leave any doubt that we are just before the opening of the 6 th seal and no false prophet, no mark of the beast, not even 3 angels with their messages have happened yet.

Seeing my bad grammar (English is my second language) please don't make hasty conclusions: my bad English doesn't necessarily mean a bad education or lack of knowledge. 

I like this old English saying: "A fool never changes his mind, but a wise man does" (similar to Prov.12:15 and 9:9). I hope that some of Adventists will.

The purpose of this message is to show the salvation and the Kingdom of Heaven are not exactly the same matters, as all churches preach. It is much more difficult to reach the Kingdom than to reach just salvation. 
The given work is based on word by word translation of the Bible from Hebrew and Greek  - see


I purposely placed chapter 36."Summary" at top position of the Contents for those who want to see the short version of the work first 

36. Summary- p.24
The prophecies, Jesus’ teachings about the Kingdom of Heaven, the meaning of the feasts and its sacrifices, the structure of the Tabernacle, the meaning of Jesus’ sacrifice – all pointed to the fact that Kingdom of Heaven is the highest goal of salvation. And it is not the gift of God, but reward for the labor of love.  

Ellen White - the prophet or a teacher? p. 1
This work will demonstrate that E.White did not receive the vision from God about the future, because her explanations of the prophecy is in a contradiction with the Bible.

1. Time in prophecies  – p.2
Prophetical time – 360 days per year - has to be applied to every Bible prophecy.

2. The principle of a parallelism in Bible prophecies - p.2
The same prophecy can say about different persons , or about different events.

3. Satan on the empty earth during the 1000 years? – p.3
Adventists teach that Earth during the 1000 years after the Second coming of Jesus will be empty, and only Satan and his fallen angels will walk on it. However Bible says that after the Second coming Satan will be cast down into the pit, which according to the Bible is not a primary chaos, as Adventists teach, but the place under the ground, which has been in existence since the Flood till now.

An analysis of the prophecy 2Pet.3:10 - p.3
Did Peter really said that Earth will be completely burned out after the Second coming? No.

4. The Prophecy about 1260 days of the power of the little horn – p.4
A horn in a prophecy symbolizes a person in power
. The little horn from Daniel’s vision is the papacy (always a one man -a pope- had been in the authority). Its secular power continued from 606AD to
1849AD - 1260 prophetical years.       

5. Has GOD Left Israel Forever? – p.5
Christians were included into the God's Israel through their faith in Jesus. They had not replaced God's Israel, but were included into it. God's Israel - Israel like Jacob, which is spiritual Israel (not Israel after flesh which is Israel like Esau)- still exists. And according to the prophecies Israel will return to God in the last days.

The prophecy about the tree (Dan.4:10-16) p.5
When Jews were in Babylonian slavery God had promised to them that in 7 times (2520 prophetical years) Jewish kingdom ( without a king) will be restored. The prophecy had fulfilled in 1948, when  state of Israel was created

7.How to count years from BC to AD. Daniel's 70-weeks prophecy -  the Starting point
The starting point of the 70-weeks prophecy has to be counted from 446BC, not from 457BC. It is shown when seven weeks, 62 weeks and a half of the week of the prophecy were finished.

8.Now- the prophecy itself (Daniel 9:24-27)– p.7
last week of the 70 weeks prophecy was not finished in 34AD, or in 70AD, as many teach. It will finish just before the Second coming of Christ. The last half of the last week - 3,5 years  is the time of the universal power of the antichrist. Antichrist will be active for 7 years, but only last 3,5 years, after the occupation of Jerusalem, he will receive the complete authority.  

If Jesus was baptized in 31 AD, and Luke said that at that time Jesus was "about thirty" , then...
When Jesus was born? - p.7

9.The prophecy about 2300 days p.8
After the heavenly war the Judgment was passed on Satan (in heaven) and on the little horn - Vatican (on earth) in 1849AD. Satan and his angels were cast on the earth, and the Kingdom of Heaven began to belong to the saints of the Most High. Thus after 2300 days (2300 prophetical years) the Heavenly sanctuary was cleansed. It took place in 1850 AD.
The prophecy is also about the last days. It tells that the temple in Jerusalem will be constructed during the first 7 months of the 7-year's activity of the antiChrist.

10.The Opening of the Sealsp.9
When in 1850AD the Kingdom of Heaven was cleansed after Satan and his angels, Jesus was elected as the king and began to open the seals of the Book of Life. Today we are just before the opening of the 6-th seal (planet -X), which will bring a global chaos and destructions. After the global accident a man will appear who will be capable to stop the disorder and anarchy, and he will be the antiChrist.

11.The image and four beasts of Daniel's vision and the beast of "Revelation"  p.10
The 10 toes of the image from Daniel's prophecy are the 10 horns of the last beast of "Revelation" - the beast, which will appear just before the Jesus' coming. The beast of "Revelation" is the union of countries.

12. The Beasts of "Revelation" - p.11
The woman is true church of God; the dragon with 7 heads, 10 horns and 7 crowns on its heads - Satan; the beast with 7 heads and 10 horns  - NATO;  10 crowns on beast's horns - Security Council of United Nations; the beast with two horns - the antichrist.

13. The Whore of Babylon. Who is she? -p.11
The Whore sitting on the beast with 7 heads and 10 horns (NATO)  is Vatican - Catholic church - the major church of Europe. It will be burnt as the out-of-date religious center of the world. The antichrist will sit in Jerusalem - the new world religious center.

14. The Trumpets of “Revelation” – p.11
When angels will blow into trumpets, they will not cause the destructions, but will warn about that. 

15.The 7-th trumpet
- p.12
With the sound of 7-th trumpet Jesus will come. The first harvesting - saints will be taken to heaven. Second harvesting - the wicked will be destroyed. 7 bowls of wrath will be poured out on the earth after the 1000 years.

16.Armageddon p.12
The 6-th trumpet. Gog (Muslim countries) will go with the war against the antiChrist and will win in the valley of Megiddo. 1260 days of the government of the antiChrist will be finished. Then Gog will surround Jerusalem, and many Jews will be killed. God will stop him, and Gog will kill himself. The Remnant are those people, who will be left alive after the occupation of Jerusalem. They will be the saints. In 1290 days from the first occupation of Jerusalem by the antiChrist Jesus will come.

Identity of Gog - p. 12

17.The two prophets 
These are two prophets, not New and Old Testaments, as Adventists teach. They will prophesy the last 3,5 years of antiChrist government.

18.After the last battlep.13
During The Second coming the alive and resurrected saints will be taken to heaven without judgment. Then the judgment above the rest of living will be held: all the wicked, who will receive the mark of the beast, will be eliminated. After that the righteous (the Remnant) will be left on earth. They will cleanse the earth of the corpses. The Earth will be restored to its primary beauty. From the 7-th trumpet to the end of the harvesting of the wicked - 1335 days.

19.New or Restored Jerusalem?- p.13
Jerusalem will be restored to its former greatness. The righteous who will be left on the earth, will live more than hundred years like the Jews lived after the Exodus when they had inherited the promised land ( the symbol of the restored and the new earth). It will be the test: whether or not people can be sinless without interactions of Satan and his angels. However as after the Flood, when among the sinless Noah’s family wickedness was aroused in a short time, the wickedness among children of the saved righteous also will arise shortly.

20.Second Resurrection
- p.14
The first resurrection is for the saints, they will be taken to heaven without judgment during the Second coming. The second resurrection will take place in 1000 years after the Second coming. It will be
for "rest of people": for the wicked and for the righteous, who didn't reach the Kingdom of Heaven. They all will go through the Judgment.

21. Whether or not the place for New Jerusalem will be prepared on our old planet?- p.14
It is Adventists' imagination. The size doesn't match.
New Jerusalem will descent on the new earth.

22.After the 6-th bowl of wrath p.15
After the Second coming Satan will be imprisoned in the pit for the 1000 years.  Then he will be released. He again will gather for the war against Jerusalem all unrighteous - unbelievers, haters of Jews (Gog). That will be the 6-th bowl  of wrath. Then God will pour upon them a rain of fire. This will be the pouring of the 7-th bowl of wrath and the Judgment above the living. The righteous will be taken to heaven. The wicked will be left on the earth. The rain of fire will create the lake of fire on the earth. After that the Judgment above the resurrected will take place between the earth and heaven. The resurrected wicked will be  dumped on the old earth into the lake of fire. The old earth will be completely consumed.  God will create the New earth, the resurrected righteous will be taken onto there. And New Jerusalem with all saints will descent on the new planet.

23.The Judgment - p.15
The judgment above the alive and the dead. The dead, who will be resurrected first, are the saints, they will not be judged. During the 1000 years from the Kingdom of Heaven they  will judge the living, who will be left on the earth, and also angels and the dead, who knew about God (those who did not know God, God Himself will judge).

24. Some of many mistakes Adventists do in explaining of the prophecies
- p.15  

25. The Order in "Revelation" - 15
Adventists teach, that in "Revelation" there is no order, the Bible says that there is one.

Time frame of the last days- p. 16
Graphical presentation.
26.Who will be The BRIDE and who will be The GUESTS on the WEDDING FEAST? – pp.17,18,19
The bride is the saints, who for the 1000 years in the Kingdom of Heaven will prepare themselves for the priesthood on the new Earth. The guests are the righteous. 
Jesus and the apostles taught clearly, that the salvation and Kingdom of Heaven are not the same. Salvation is gift of God to all who believe in Him and keep His commandments.
The Kingdom of Heaven is award to the saved people for the perfection of their faith, which comes through the hard work of love.
It is impossible to enter the Kingdom without the faith in Jesus, therefore majority of the Jews will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Those of them, who are the true Israel- Israel like Jacob (ch.5), but had not accepted Jesus, will stay on the earth after the Second coming.
The analysis
of the various doctrines about what is necessary for salvation.

27. Is it important to know that not all saved people will go to heaven???
It is very important, because we are the last generation before Jesus' coming. Some of us will be taken to the Kingdom of Heaven, others with tears of disappointment will observe this event. While it is not late everyone can change something in his or her life in order to come nearer to the Kingdom.

28. Jesus - Michael, the great leader of angels  – p.20
Who was Jesus before He came down to earth?

29. In the Beginning 
About the conflict in the Kingdom of Heaven. How it began and how it will be finished.

30.Holy Feasts  - p.21
All holy feasts and religious rituals which God commanded Jewish people to observe, had symbolical value and reflected the basic events on the earth and in heaven which should come to pass in the future. The three most significant feasts when all men had to appear before God, symbolized the God’s plan of salvation of the people: Feast of firstfruits - when saints will be taken to heaven, Feast of Weeks - when the righteous will inherit the earth, and Feast of Tabernacles or gathering fruits in the end of year - when saints and the righteous will be united on the new earth.

31. Sacrifices. When and why had they come to existence? - p.21.
Sin sacrifices had appeared only after the establishment of Leviticus priesthood. A lamb never was sacrificed for a sin. 

32. The PLAN of the Tabernacle and symbolical meaning of each of its objects and departments - p.22
When and how sacrifices were performed.

33. The Meaning of Sacrifices on Holy Feasts - p.22
The same information which was coded in the meaning of the feasts (ch.30) was also coded in the significance of the number and kind of the animals which were brought for a sacrifice on those feasts.

34.Day of Atonement- p.23
The Day symbolized what had occurred in heaven before Jesus' first coming, what had happened after His resurrection, what’s happening today,  what will take place in His Second coming, and even what will occur in 1000 years after the Second coming.

35.Passover  - p.23
The salvation in ritual of Passover is secondary. The most important - Passover was the ritual of the consecration of people into the priests for Kingdom of Heaven.

The tabernacle symbolized the salvation. The structure inside of the tabernacle - the sanctuary - symbolized the Kingdom of Heaven. In order to enter into the sanctuary (Kingdom of Heaven) priests (the elect) had to wash themselves with water from the laver (symbol of water baptism which is repentance) and go through the curtain (to receive the Holy Spirit).  

37. Seal of God and Mark of the Beast- p.25
Today nobody can say for sure what will be the mark of the beast, because the mark will appear only after the opening of the 6-th seal. We do not know what antichrist's image will look like, we do know his name and number of his name. However for sure it can not be Sunday worship, because the day of worship can not be his image, his name, nor the number of his name. The mark of the beast will not be a wrong day of worship of All Mighty but a worship of another god - the antichrist.

38.The Book of Life- p.26
Is there your name in the Book of Life, you will understand after reading this chapter.

39.How many years the Israelites were in Egypt?-
We need to answer this and following questions to learn, whether or not the 7-th millennium has come. It will help us to define, when will Jesus come.
In Egypt the Israelites were 215 Jewish years.

40. How many years from the Exodus out of Egypt to 4-th year of Solomon's reign?  - p.28
From the Exodus to the 4-th year of Solomon  - 591 Jewish years.

41.The application of Jephthan
- p.28
Another confirmation that from the Exodus to the 4-th year of Solomon -591 Jewish years.

42.Hystorical evidences of when did the Exodus take place  – p.29
he Exodus could take place in 1616 BC in the Hyksos government.

 43.When will Jesus return? - p.30
 Jesus will come in Sabbath millennium before the Jubilee year. Has the Sabbath millennium already began? How long to the Jesus' coming?  

44.What happens when we die?- p.31
A man was created by God in His own image (spiritual image), i.e. man received the spiritual image - the soul. When all creatures have flesh + breath of life (spirit of life, or breath of spirit of life), humans besides that have soul (spirit). The wrong teachings about the soul as flesh, the soul sleep theory were based on the incorrect translations of the following words: spirit, breath, soul, Sheol, Hades, pit, abyss, gehenna, grave and others. After the death of the body souls go either to heaven or hell. 
The false belief that there is no hell, or al least not yet, is rooted in incorrect translation also. Hell, as the deep underground place, where the prison of fallen angels is, exists from the time of Flood. After death souls of all unrepented sinners go there. 
At the Second coming the saints will be resurrected in spiritual bodies, as Jesus has; the righteous
will be resurrected 1000 years later, they will have perfect physical bodies as Adam and Eve had.

45. To Understand God's Plan  - p.32
Why had Jesus spend 30 years for growing up instead of just come down from heaven and teach people? Why was it necessary for Jesus to be born from woman?
Why was He born not in Nazareth, where Mary and Joseph lived, but in Bethlehem, where they came to for census just for a couple days?
Why wasn’t He thrown to wild beasts, wasn’t hung up, or beheaded? Why it was necessary for Him to be crucified on wooden cross?  
Why He had to die in Jerusalem?
What is so unique about Jerusalem? Why had no one city in the world too many military attacks, as this old city had?
What is unique about the promised land, if there is something unique?
Why did God order to kill everyone, who lived on the promised land, when He gave this land back into the hands of Israel?
Why was there Flood?  
Why is there always Israeli-Arabian conflict in Near East?
Why is the sacred place of the Jews considered as sacred place of Muslims?
Why are the Jews the unique nation, which always was under oppressions irrespective of the country where they lived? 

46. To Adventists: Food for Thoughts  - p.33
Who needs the wrong teachings?

 47. The Last question - p.34
The proof the aliens from other galaxies are the ancient demons who have accepted modern shapes. They are ready to appear to people as our saviors in very soon future. They are the part of the last and greatest Satan's deception of  humanity.

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