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To Understand God's Plan

Why had Jesus spend 30 years for growing up instead of just come down from heaven and teach people? Why was it necessary for Jesus to be born from woman?

Why was He born not in Nazareth, where Mary and Joseph lived, but in Bethlehem, where they came to for census just for a couple days?

Why wasn’t He thrown to wild beasts, wasn’t hung up, or beheaded? Why it was necessary for Him to be crucified on wooden cross?

Why He had to die in Jerusalem?

What is so unique about Jerusalem? Why had no one city in the world too many military attacks, as this old city had?

What is unique about the promised land, if there is something unique?

Why did God order to kill everyone, who lived on the promised land, when He gave this land back into the hands of Israel?

Why was there Flood?

Why is there always Israeli-Arabian conflict in Near East?

Why is the sacred place of the Jews considered as sacred place of Muslims?

Why are the Jews the unique nation, which always was under oppressions irrespective of the country where they lived? The given oppressions even had received it’s unique name "anti-Semitism ". Why there is no “anti-russianism” , no “anti-chinism” or “anti-Americanism”? Whence did "anti-Semitism " come from?

 To answer all these questions, we need to address to the very beginning. To the creation.

God knew, that all His creations are imperfect and someday can fall into a sin. What is sin, and why it is dangerous, knew neither Angels, nor people. Both of them had to face the sin problem someday. Therefore God had created heavenly Tabernacle for angels (Heb.8:2), where they could repent and ask for forgiveness.

What is the tabernacle, how it looks like, and what has to be done in it, people could understand only when long time after fall of the first people God commanded Moses to build the earthly tabernacle. That tabernacle was built according to the pattern of the heavenly one (Heb.8:5), therefore studying of purpose of its each departments gives us a clue for understanding the plan of God. (To avoid misunderstanding in the given work the tabernacle is called all the curtained complex, the sanctuary - the building in the middle of the complex; and room in the end of the sanctuary is called Holy Holiest). In the tabernacle all people could come for repentance; the sanctuary only priests could enter, and the Holy Holiest only high priest could enter, and only once a year.

When God created people, He had prepared for them the very special place - Eden, and in it the sacred garden - paradise ("paradise" in Hebrew means: "garden"). In the garden He placed the people, and there He had communicated with them and taught them.

Why was Eden necessary for God? If all the earth was perfect (Gen.1:31), Eden could not differ much from other land. Why wasn’t the garden in all Eden? Whether it was difficult for God to make garden out of all Eden? No. The reason was different. Eden was planned to be the earthly tabernacle, and the garden in Eden was the sanctuary. The sinless people had walked in the garden and communicated with God directly. There was no need in an intermediary – a high priest. They were pure in actions and thoughts, and Holy Holiest - God, was with them.

And everything , that was accomplished in heaven, was repeated on the earth. To give people the Law, God had chosen Moses. The Bible tells about him: « And there arose not a prophet since in Israel like unto Moses, whom the LORD knew face to face» (Deu.34:10). Without doubts, Moses wasn’t an ordinary person. However, was he really the best of all? Better, than Abraham, who was ready to offer his son for the sake of God? Better, than Daniel, who fearlessly descended in the pit with hungry lions, completely entrusting himself to God? Jesus told about John the Baptist: «Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet he who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he” (Mat.11:11). It means, that in the eyes of God even Moses was not someone very especial. What was especial, was the purpose of his election

Moses was elected as the prototype of Jesus. As through Moses God gave the Law – the Old Testament, so through Jesus the New Testament was given. As Moses had rescued Jewish people, had led them through tests to the promised land, so and Jesus will rescue the people of God, will lead them through tests to the New earth.

As at first God had communicated only with Moses, then made him the leader of all Jewish people, and when the earthly tabernacles was made, Aaron was elected as high priest. So before creation of the world God had communicated only with Jesus. Later Jesus became the leader of all angels. When the heavenly tabernacle was created, the most beautiful and clever cherubim, the brilliant Lucifer was anointed on the high priesthood over angels (prototype of Saul; see ch. How conflict in heaven had began? ).

When God was creating the earth Lucifer had exclaimed with joy together with all angels (Job 38:7). When people were created, he understood, the first should become last, and the last first. He had to become a «ministering spirit» (Heb.1:14), had to support the newborn mankind. That the proud nature of Lucifer could not accept. He expected worship from people. He thought God creates people for worship and service to angels, and to him especially, as to the high priest. But God had created people only for worshiping of Himself. That Lucifer could not accept. He could not understand, that for the perfect balance everyone should have one absolute example, one object of worship, other way there envy, pride and fights will be. Lucifer wanted worship, authority, he wanted to become god (Isa.14:14).

The God’s plan was to occupy earth with His children, who would worship Him, and whom He would take care of. Lucifer also got his plan: he understood, that, if he will have children, they would worship him. And if there more of his children, than God’s children will be, then he will become god of all humanity. And then he will have power. The parable, told by Jesus (Mat.13:24-30), about the enemy, who secretly had sowed the wheaten field of the owner with poison tares, tells that Satan had polluted the God’s (human) seed with his seed (see ch. The Book of Life), he had sown between children of God his own children.

In the midst of the Garden of Eden there was a tree of life giving immortality. There in a garden was the tree of knowledge of good and evil bringing fruits of death. As trees of Eden the Bible calls all spiritual beings, who were in Eden (Ezek.31:8,9). The tree of life giving immortality, was Jesus Himself, Who agreed to offer Himself for the sake of the people from the creation of the world (1Pet.1:20), in order to give people immortality. The tree of knowledge of good and evil was Lucifer, who by then became Satan (traitor). He gave people death.

As the trees in the garden are symbolical, so and forbidden fruit also is symbol. The Serpent in the garden wasn’t  a some reptile wrapped around the tree of evil, as it is usually has been pictured. The Bible absolutely clearly speaks, that ancient serpent is Satan (Rev.12:9). That means, the tree, the serpent and the fruit, all of it is the allegory, which means - Satan. There was no a special tree with poisonous fruits, there was no a walking snake. Instead of them was only Satan. He could select in a garden some certain place, under some shady tree, where he was convincing by his poisonous speeches the trusting angels. However the tree of knowledge of goods and evil was just a symbol of Satan.

When God told the people do not eat fruits from the forbidden tree, it meant: do not accept, do not trust anything, what Satan will tell you. God could only warn people about the danger, but He couldn’t remove the danger. He could not punish Satan before committing of sin, and to forbid him to be in Eden. The angels could think, that God had punished the innocent.

When Eve told to the serpent-Satan, that God had forbidden them to communicate with him, she had added from herself: «and you must not touch» (Gen. 2:17 and 3:3) him. Why did Eve add to the words of God the words « and you must not touch»? Because Satan already had touched her.

Why the people had covered their sexual organs after the committing of the sin? Why does the name "Adam" mean “human”, and the name "Eve" means not “the mother of all humans”, but “the mother of all the living” (Gen. 3:20)? Why wasn’t their first son, Cain, specified in the genealogy of Adam as his first son (Gen. ch.5)? Why was not Cain, but  Seth, the third Eve’s son, was born in Adam’s likeness, in Adam’s own image (Gen. 5:3. Abel wasn't mentioned anymore, because he died not leaving children after him, but Cain lived long and had lots of children)? Why right after the committing of the sin did God speak about the seed of Satan and about Eve’s pregnancy (Gen.3:15,16)?

Because the first Eve’s son - Cain - was the son of Satan.

When God told to Satan: «I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed» (Gen. 3:15), there in Eve, besides her human genes, already were genes of Satan – his seed.

When the people had sinned, they could not be at the presence of God anymore, in His garden – the sanctuary. Now they needed a high priest, who would undertake their sin and justify them before God. Having repented, the people could live in Eden (the tabernacle), but from the garden (the sanctuary) they were expelled (Gen. 3:23).

Having the people expelled, God placed at the East of the garden of Eden Cherubim with a flaming sword to protect an entrance into the garden (3:24). It means, the people from the garden went to the east.  Later Cain, after he had murdered Abel , also settled down  in the East from Eden (4:16). Therefore all people settlements were on the east from Eden.

 The angels that followed Satan, also wanted to have their heirs on earth. They also, like Lucifer, wanted to be worshiped. When Satan promised Eve: «you will be like gods, knowing good and evil » (Gen.3:5, see word by word translation), Eve didn’t ask Lucifer who are that gods who know evil he spoke about. These gods already had walked in Eden (Ezek.31:16), proudly looking down on the people and all others "uninitiated" in their elite society. They began to make genetic experiments with animals, by intervention into God’s creation, and began to make some ugly hybrids - Nephilim (Gen. 6:4; in Hebrew Nephilim means: distinguished, different from God’s creations). Mythology of all nations tells about the strange beings half-beast half-man(angel) who had some mystical abilities. 

 When people had multiplied, they had introduced themselves to people as gods,  and began to take women as wives for themselves. From these unions the humanoid hybrids - Nephilim were born. God had chosen Noah’s family and had destroyed with the Flood all the wicked hybrids and rest of the people who got in friendship with them and had followed their evil ways. However He had preserved genes of Satan in Ham’s wife, because the "wheat" (children of God) and the "tares" (children of Satan) have to grow together up to the harvest (end of the world).

 During the Flood the waters of great abyss came up on the surface (Gen. 7:11), and the extensive empty space under the ground was formed. Thus hell was created, and into there the fallen angels with their hybrid offspring were cast down. The hybrids’ flesh was killed  during the Flood, but the souls of them were not lost. Since then they live in hell in the form of demons. Souls of not repented sinners after death of their flesh go to there. As "tares" they also will exist there up to the end of the world.

 After the Flood Noah’s Ark stopped on mountains of Ararat (Gen. 8:4). Descending from the mountains, the people moved to the south, on the rich vegetation of lowland of the rivers of Tiger and Euphrates. The earliest of known civilizations – Sumerian - was located just in that region. There, according to the Bible, the people had moved after the Flood and had founded the city of Babylon. There they begun to build a tower up to heavens, that no any Flood would ever flood it. They had challenged God, and He punished them, having their language mixed and having divided the land by their new languages.

The Earth was divided by languages in the days of Peleg (10:25; according to Jewish oral traditions it happened right after his birth), who was born in 101 years after the Flood (11:10-16). It means, that people were divided by tribes when both Shem and Noah were still alive (Noah lived 350 years after the Flood -9:28; and Shem - 502 years 11:11).

 The Bible tells that after the Flood people went from the East to Babylon (11:9). On the map you can clearly see, that people went down from North (1- Mountains of Ararat) to the South (2- Babylon). So why does the Bible tell that they went from the East?

Because they had remembered, that during the Flood they were drawn to the East. And because from Eden the people always moved to East, Eden has to be in the very West. The river flowed from Eden, and 4 rivers, on which it had divided (Gen. 2:10-14), after the Flood had changed it’s channels. Moving down from the mountains of Ararat the people gave the same old names to those rivers, which were on their way.

In 266 years after the division of languages Abraham had left the city of Ur of the Chaldeans (11:28; on the map above - 3), where he was born, and by the call of God he went West, to the land of Canaan  (12:1,5; on the map -4), which God had promised to give into inheritance of his offspring. Why the land of Canaan?

Abraham had many children, but only Isaac was born by the will of God from his childless wife Sara (the woman of the same bloodline, that was not defiled by genes of Cain, the genes of Satan). And only to Isaac Abraham bequeathed the land of Canaan. His first son Ishmael, who was born from Egyptian slave, was sent to South East, where today are Jordan and Saudi Arabia (25:18). Other children who were born from servants he sent on East (territory of Jordan, Iraq and Syria) while he was alive (25:6).

 Isaac gave birth to Esau and Jacob, but only Jacob God had chosen, and to him He had bequeathed the land of Canaan (28:13). Esau had married women of other nations and occupied Edom (25:30), where today state of Jordan is.

Later, during years of bad harvest, Jacob with all his family came to Egypt. There, according to the prophecy given to Abraham (15:16), they were up to the 4-th generation. And upon termination of that time God had released them from Egyptian bondages and brought them to the land of Canaan.

 After Israel came out of desert, he had passed the river of Jordan, and had settled down at the city of Jericho. There the leader of the army of the LORD with his sword in his hand had appeared to Joshua. He told Joshua: «Loose thy shoe from off thy foot; for the place whereon thou standest is holy» (Josh.5:15). When the angel of God told the same thing to Moses (Ex.3:5), we know that was the holy place, because from that mount later God had spoken to people, and there He gave to people His commandments. But why was the place next to Jericho holy? Why was the land at Jericho protected by spiritual beings?

Coming to the land of Canaan God commanded to destroy all peoples who had occupied the land (Josh.6:20; 8:25-27; 9:24; 10:30,32,33,35,37,39,40; 11:11,14,22). And God Himself was fighting for Israel (Josh.10:14).

 What those peoples were guilty in? Why was the land of Canaan so especial for God?

Because the land of Canaan was the land of Eden. The sacred garden in the east of Eden was the holy ground – the sanctuary. When Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise, God put in East of the garden cherub with sword to protect the entrance into the garden. When Joshua approached to Jericho, he had met the guard with sword, because he was entering the Garden of Eden.

For the same reason the entrance into the tabernacle God commanded to make from East. As the people went from the garden – sanctuary to the east, by the same way they should return to there. Through the sanctuary. Through faith. As the Garden of Eden from East was protected by spiritual beings, so and the sanctuary was protected from East by Moses and priests (Num. 3:38). As before entering Jericho the chosen Israel nation came through waters of Jordan, the same the chosen men of the tribe of Levi (priests) could enter the sanctuary only after washing themselves with water from the laver which was at the entrance of the sanctuary. 

 God Himself was fighting against all the peoples who had occupied the land of Canaan, because all those peoples (Josh.3:10; 9:1) were descendants of the Ham’s son - Canaan (Gen. 10:15-19). Him Noah had cursed (Gen.9:24,25), because in Canaan the genes of Cain - genes of Satan were clearly present (the Kenites – descendants of Canaan - were named Cain – Num.24:21,22; see word by word translation ).   

 Satan did everything possible to prevent people of God to enter Eden again. He had sowed by his seed the God’s holy land to destroy the plan of God: to return to the children of God paradise and to give them immortality.

 The place, where now is Jerusalem, was the center of all world («This is Jerusalem, which I have set in the center of the nations, with countries all around her” Ezek.5:5), also it was the center of the paradise garden. The place, where was Jericho, as we saw above, was the east border of the garden. Therefore Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, is on the territory, where the garden was. 

There, on the place where Bethlehem is now, Satan gave to the virgin Eve his seed, so through it to multiply evil and to destroy all humankind.
There, in Bethlehem, God gave to the virgin Mary His seed, so through it to restore righteous and to save mankind.

As at that time in Eden God had walked among the people and taught them to the Divine wisdom, so and Jesus, having return to Eden (Israel), again had taught people what they shall do to return to Eden.

As sinned Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden on the East, and cherub with sword was placed there, where later Jericho was build, so sinless Jesus had entered the sanctuary-garden by the same way, that the people were expelled. He had crossed Jordan (Mat.19:1), passed through Jericho (Mat. 20:29) and came in Jerusalem from the east, from the site of the mount of Olives (Mat.21:1). He came to Jerusalem to become the high priest of the people. To undertake their sins, to appear for them before God and to return Eden to the people.

 As the tree of evil -Satan- had offered to the people fruits of death, so the tree of life which was at the center of the garden, where now Jerusalem is, had given to the people fruit of life. The tree of life in Jerusalem became the wooden cross with crucified Jesus on it.

 As we see, God had chosen for the restoration of His plan the same weapon, which Satan chose to destroy His plan with. Instead of seed of Satan,  He had chosen His seed; instead of virgin Eve He had chosen virgin Mary; instead of the tree of evil He had chosen the cross made of tree; instead of the fruit of death He had chosen the fruit of life.

 The prophecies speak, that after the Second Coming the earth will be restored in its former greatness, Israel again will be Eden (Ezek.36:35), and God’s  chosen people will be the priests on all earth. Satan in every possible way tries to resist to it. He does everything to sweep Israel as the nation from the face of the earth.

 He had invented religion of Islam at 610AD, more, than 2000 years after the Old Testament was written. If God had shown Himself to the millions of people, and within 40 years did true miracles at day and night teaching people to His commandments; the Satan in the image of the angel Gabriel was appeared only to Muhammad and only in the cave. There he was giving him revelations, and taught what the Bible teaches, but in very  deformed way. He taught him, that Abraham by the command of God  was going to kill not Isaac, but his first son –Ishmael, who was born from the Egyptian servant; that Abraham had bequeathed the land of Canaan not to Isaac, but to Ishmael.

While Israel, as the state, did not exist since second century, Jews were spread worldwide, and restored by Herod Solomon’s temple was destroyed by Romans,  Satan made so, that most sacred for the Jews place – the place, where was the Solomon’s temple, became also the holy place for the Muslims. The stone, from which, according to Jewish beliefs, the world began to exist (The Foundation Stone), and which was placed before Holy Holies in the temple, suddenly became the sacred stone of Muslims. Muslims believe, that from this stone Muhammad was lifted up into the sky on the winged beast. Therefore there on the place, where the temple of God of Israel was, Muslims had erected their sacred temple - Dome of the Rock.

 And it was not enough for Satan. During that night journey on the winged beast Muhammad was taken from Mecca to some place, which had to be holy also. That place appeared to be also on the same spot the Jewish temple was. And Al-Aqsa Mosque (The Mosque's congregation building can accommodate about 5,000 people worshipping inside it, while the whole Al-Aqsa Mosque compound area may accommodate hundreds of thousands), near to a Dome of the Rock was constructed there. So the descendants of the rejected heirs of the holy land became the illegal owners of it.

Since 1948, when the state Israel was founded, till 1967, when Israel won East Jerusalem, the Jews were forbidden to come on the holy mountain. Later, after the victory of 1967, under threats of the big war Israel was forced to concede the holy mount to Muslims. And till this day Jews are not permitted to pray at the holiest site in Judaism. As, Jews must stand behind the wall of the mount   (the Western Wall – the preserved part of the wall surrounded the ancient Jewish temple) while praying toward the rock located under the ' Dome of the Rock ' , Muslims stand on the mount facing away from the rock and toward Mecca.

 Eastern (Golden) gate, through which Jesus had entered 2000 years ago, and through which He shall enter again, in XVI century Muslims had blocked and even had arranged their cemetery before the gates to prohibit Jesus to enter the sanctuary. The Bible however not unequivocally speaks, that their plan will fail (Ezek.44:1-3).

 So you see, the Israeli - Arabian conflict has a long history. As in antiquity the descendants of Satan, the rejected heirs always had tried to take over the holy land, so and today. All those hostile peoples,  that were at war against Israel in antiquity are the same enemies of Israel today. The names only had changed.   

A psalmist  2,5 thousands years ago had told: « lo, thine enemies make a tumult: and they that hate thee have lifted up the head. They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones. They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance» (Ps.83:2-4).

There always was someone who was trying to destroy the Jews forever. And the conductor of this hatred of the Jews always was and is the same - Satan.

Today Arabs are trying to achieve the establishment of the Palestinian state with its capital on the Holy mountain. Jews claims to recognize Jerusalem as united and eternal city of Israel officially not recognized by the international community.

In 1947 UN had offered to the Arabs to have their own state, but they refused. And in 24 hours after the state of Israel was born, they attacked Israel to destroy it. In 2000 the situation had repeated. On Camp David Summit 91 % of all the West Bank, all of the Gaza Strip, with Palestinian control over Eastern Jerusalem as the capital of the new Palestinian state was offered to Arafat. But they again refused. Arabs do not need their own state. They already have it. It is Jordan. All what they want, it is to erase Israel from the world map.

The Arabs are trying to create the incorporated Arabian state, and the state of Israel at the center of their Arabian union, at the center of their Muslim world, should be destroyed. A question «to exist or not to exist to the state of Israel » openly is discussed today in political circles.

When during government of the antichrist all authority on the earth will be given to Satan, he will archive a greater division of Israel. However not for a long time. God told us, what will take place at the Second coming of Christ: I will gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land” (Joel 3:2).  

Why in all these Arabian countries there are always wars, famines, problems with drinking water, droughts, infertile grounds and low living standards? Why USA was the prospering country about 100 years? Because 3,5 thousand years ago God had promised to Abraham: « I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse» (Gen. 12:3).

Of course, not all Arabs are descendants of Canaan, or descendants of Satan; as well as not all Israelites today are children of God. Through marriages Satan’s seed and the seed of man had mixed up. Last days will show clearly, who is "wheat", and who is "tares". The Bible says that among Muslims there the righteous will be also. They will live on the restored earth after the Second Coming (Zech.14: 16). It will be those Muslims who do not have hatred against the Jewish people.

The Jewish people are people as many others. Not better, not worse. As Moses was not a super-man, but was valuable for God because of the mission He had assigned to him, so and the Jewish people are valuable for God because of the mission, assigned to them.

As God had punished those who thought that God made an incorrect choice by having chosen Moses (Num.12; Num.16), so He will punish everyone, who thinks, that God had made an incorrect choice by having chosen Israel. When Miriam and Aaron had rebelled  against Moses, God had punished only Miriam. Why? Was Aaron  better than her? Not. The only difference was that he was already chosen by God to be the high priest. All of us are sinners, and there is no perfect ones among us, even if we would trying hard. And only His choice makes people or a person especial for others.

The one who loves God, loves His plan, and loves the elected by Him for execution of His Plan.

 «Those who hate Israel, can not love the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and her people, as she is the nation through whom:
1) God revealed Himself;
2) Established His Word and Covenants;
3) Preserved His Word;
4) Produced His Son Jesus Christ, the redeemer of Israel and the world;
5) Established His church;
6) Brought us Gentiles the Gospel” (Renate Vinje “ The meek shall inherit the earth”).

And soon, in His Coming He will deliver Israel, will restore it, will make it the holy center of the earth and people of Israel the priests on the restored earth during the whole millennium.

After the 1000 years all saints and the righteous will be gathered together on the New Earth. All New Earth will be called Israel (Ezek.37; 12), i.e. all New Earth will be Eden.

Thus, we see, that the conflict which had started long time ago in Eden, will be solved also in there - in Israel. As the first people brought sin into Eden, so last people will bring into it the righteousness. It is God’s Plan. And NOTHING and NOBODY will change it.

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