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The most widespread  Masonic  symbol is the ruler with  compasses and  a letter "«G" in the centre.


Many beginners among masons  believe , that "«G" - means: "«God". Only  a Christian can question himself :  what is common between God  and  a ruler with  compasses. In a basis of the masons beliefs there is not bible truth, but a Gnostic doctrine. Their God  is - not  God, as  we all  see  Him : the Almighty Father , but certain featureless incomprehensible thinkable energy - « the Great Architect of the Universe ».The intermediary between this energy and a man is the Lucifer, the master  and  the founder of this visible  world.                                                                                           

   In fig. -‘Let there be light!’ These words are of God from the Bible. Only this time instead of the letter "G", which stands for the first letter of the word "God" for many, here it is just a lamp.

So what does “G" mean in Masonic  symbol? It is "Geometry",  and  more correct a secret geometry. That science, which was transferred to them from the great-grandsons of Cain. According to this occult doctrine the secret numbers have  special power, and with its help they can " order" some certain events, i.e.  influence the future. Because of believe in secret geometry masons were always keen on geometry and architecture. Hence, masons, as well as all pagans « worship and serve a creature more than the Creator» (Rome 1:25): erect a science above the Most High. «the science is My god!» is  a Masonic  slogan. The open triangles located one above another, in this symbol mean regeneration, infinity of life, constant revival of  nature in other words: the sexual act, which  is worshipped by all pagans.

If masons  do not believe in  God, as the Person, it means that  they do not believe also  that Jesus is  God (like  Templars did not believe). For them Jesus is a common man who  has achieved maximum degrees of education and has allowed the certain divine spirit named as «Consciousness of the Christ » to  enter into  him  and to be led by him. Therefore Jesus  could be anyone, who was ready to offer himself  for the sake of others (even  a pelican , as in figure below). 


As well as all  pagan  religions,  Freemasonry recognizes an equal eternal opposition of two forces: good and evil, therefore their god, the Lucifer, personifies both good and evil simultaneously. “What is more absurd and more impious than to attribute the name of Lucifer to the devil, that is, to personified evil. The intellectual Lucifer is the spirit of intelligence and love; it is the paraclete, it is the Holy Spirit, while the physical Lucifer is the great agent of universal magnetism” **.

Knowing philosophical bases of Freemasonry, it will be easier for us now to understand real meaning of the  most important Masonic symbols. So, the following and most used symbol  is  pentagrama,  or a five-pointed star. It is  an  ancient magic sign. Sometimes it is represented by one ray upwards, sometimes - two rays upwards.



*Gnosticism - the ideological hybrid of a pagan belief and Christianity invented by the devil.
**Eliphas Levi, «The Mysteries of Magic», p.428.

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