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And though after the overthrow in Tartar the Nagas-giants we see, that there are the same Nagas among nymphs, which were born later, Nagas of the second generation do not apply for authority any longer, they are subordinated to the gods. Therefore we are convinced once again: Pazuzu rules over Naga.

The legends can always give the answer, when none of the sciences can:  neither archeology, nor history, nor anthropology can help to understand what had taken place on the Earth before occurrence of the man. 

 4000 genetic defects the cost of the evolution or the result of the expansion from outside?

So, according to the information given to us by legends and myths of different nations, in the human world there are people, who, as a matter of fact, are not absolutely humans.

Of course, it sounds shocking but is not deprived of logic. How is it possible to explain, that, as a species, only humans  have more than four thousand known genetic defects, while our closest relatives (according to the evolutionary theory), humanoid monkeys, have almost none. That is why being in closed community and interbreeding, the species of the monkeys remain former. That cannot be said about crossbreeding in a human community. Marriages inside one family during long periods, when some defective genes are imposed on others, are also defective, inevitably conduct to various sorts of ugliness (what did not happen in Jew families before their blood was contaminated with a blood of other tribes).  

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