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It is time to shift the books about evolution to the humorous fiction section of the libraries …
«The absence of knowledge discharges a man from the God and knowledge returns to Him.» - once said Louis Pasteur.
The theory of evolution from the beginning was a plan of the devil. And, as a matter of fact, having found out nothing it only promoted the decline of morals: you see, if the God is not exist and everything was formed by itself so there is neither sin nor punishment for it. The theory of evolution gave rise to another doctrine: « social evolution », which under the slogan « the strongest survive» justifies various social injustice and infringement of the rights of people. 

                                                 The CODED Bible

  The Bible hides in itself some surprising secrets. About ten years ago it was revealed, that the Bible contained codes - CODES of GOD. When the text of the Bible in Hebrew was incorporated in the computer, with the help of the elementary program it was possible to decode  the Bible’s codes. Through identical intervals (identical number of letters) the computer read the names of Saddam Hussein and Yasser  Arafat, the  words: “Tora”, “America”, “Russia”, “French revolution ” and many others. The name – Adolf Hitler was found in Deu. 10:17-22, where it was given through an interval in 22 letters. There were ciphered a name Eichman (nazi criminal, the leader of Holocaust), and the words “holocaust” and “Fuhrer”. When the word “crematorium” was found, at calculation of the same letter intervals the continuation was read: “for my sons”.

The name of Jesus (Yahshua - in Hebrew) was found during the whole Old Testament more than 100 times. So, for example, in Ps. 22:17-19 the name of Jesus was ciphered through each 26 letters, Ps. 40:9-10 - through 2 letters, Dan. 9:25-26 - through 26 letters, Zech. 9:9 - through 1 letter. Isa.53:8-10 - through 20 letters and the word “shmi” that meant: “ my name ”was added through the same interval - “Yahshua is my name ”!

The probability that the position of words and their coding are accidental is absolutely excluded. The complexity consists only in that  a man can learn whether there is this or that name in The Bible, only if the name is already known, i.e. the names and the realities of the past. It is impossible to learn about the future with the help of these codes. March 19, 1996 a famous Israeli mathematics Robert J. Aumann in the Israeli Academy of sciences officially announced, that the codes of the Bible were established as an absolute fact.

Al Neal, the American researcher of the codes of the Bible (“The Infinity Bible Code”, 1998) spent 30 years studying this improbable phenomenon. As it turned out almost all the letters of the Hebrew alphabet had the meaning of certain number. Nile found out that the sum of the letters always specified in what chapter  of the Bible that word could be found. Some words occurred in the Bible only once, but they are also can be found in the Bible due to this way.

The most interesting example gives a word "satan". The sum of numerical meanings of the letters of this word in Hebrew makes 359. The word “satan” for the first time occurs in the Bible in 359-th chapter from the beginning (in 1Chr.21:1). But it not all. The Christians of the West knowing, that Christmas is actually the satan`s holiday and it celebrates not the birth of Jesus but the birth of the pagan god, the god of the sun on the day of winter solstice : for a long time suspected that Santa Claus is a malicious satan`s idea to distract people from Jesus to the satan`s child *. Some people  compared the name of « Santa Claus » with « Satan claws ». What a surprise it was, when someone calculated that 359-th day (in a year  there are 365 days) is precisely on the 25 of December - Christmas. 

Someone noticed that the shortest chapter in the Bible- Ps.117 and the longest one– Ps.119. In the middle- Ps.118.Up to the Psalm 118.– 594 chapters and after– 594. 594+594=1188, or 118:8. This verse speaks: «It is better to trust the LORD than to rely on a man.» -and this is the most important message.

The coding in the Bible is one of many proofs that the Bible is inspired by God and was written not according to own understanding of writers, but under the dictation of the Holy Spirit (Gal.1:11).  


* see p.71, reference at p. 262

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