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                                     "Here Dragons Are"


Myths about dragons as well as about sea or river monsters or inhabitants of caves and keepers of treasures exist on all continents. Only, if in eastern countries they were perceived, as angels, in Europe – as the brood of the devil. People of The Dark Ages never doubted the existence of dragons. On the globe of Lenox 1503-07, which is in assembly of the New York Public Library *, on the eastern coast of Asia it is written: “HC SVNT DRACONES” (i.e. “hic sunt dracones” - “here dragons are”).

In many ancient maps there were awful and fantastic animals. They included many, which are not considered mythic today (for example: elephants, walruses and sealions), but they used to be as fantastic, as dragons for the contemporaries today.  Ebstorf map (13th century) has "draco" in the south-eastern part of Africa, together with asps and basilisks; The Borgia Map (1430) (the Vatican apostolic library) has text above the dragonlike figure in Asia: “Hic etiam homines magna cornua habentes longitudine quatuor pedum, et sunt etiam serpentes tante magnitudinis, ut unum bovem comedant integrum ” (“There are also huge men four feet long with two horns, and there are serpents of the same magnitude that they can eat the whole ox”) **. It is interesting, that in Tibet people still worship images of a giant with horns (in the photo).   

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People believed that God destroyed all huge predators long before the creation of the man (and it is the absolute truth), they also knew, that the Devil could not create. Therefore they wanted to understand, where dragons came from. Scientists discussed this question seriously. In 1683 Eberhard Werner Happel put forward an original theory that since dragons occupied most remote places, such as caves, rocks or deserts, where the predatory birds are usually found, probably, these predators brought there various animals and even small children to eat them there. There remains of their victims leftover, and some remaining of the sperm survived, it mixed up together and as a result of the “ferment rotting “the dragon was born ***.

Many people guessed that dragons were somehow connected with the Devil. Therefore among the dragons' winners there were often righteous men. In England there is a story about the huge worm of the kingdom Lambton, which lived in a well and was killed by Prince Joan after his coming into the righteous way of life.



***HAPPEL, E.W. (1683-91): Groesste Denkwuerdigkeiten der Welt oder sogenannte Relationes Curiosae. - Reprint, 554 pp., Berlin (Rütten und Loening), 1990

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