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Generalizing the picture of Daniel's visions we can make such a table:

607 BC  537BC 398 BC 331 BC 30 BC
head breast God stopped belly legs
Babylon Medo-Persia communicate with His people  Greek Rom
lion bear 2300 y. before Judgment  leopard awful beast
2520 y.  till Israel born 


476AD 606 AD 1849 AD 1870  1948 
10 horns little horn/
beginning of.1260 years
end of 1260 years end of 2300 years end of 2520 years
10 tribes. apparition
Heavenly sanctuary
was cleansed,
beginning of the judgment of mankind establishment of the state of Israel
Satan is thrown to
the earth

As you see, all the prophecies having a concrete date have already come true. In the Bible there are no more prophecies with the indication of dates. The Jews consider the time of reconstruction of Israel to be the beginning of time of God. 

 So, the time of God is already going...

From all the books of the Bible only one prophesies exclusively about the last days. This book is called

"Revelation" of John.

Some people do not understand why loving God is going to make such a "ruthless" judgment over mankind. But the perfect love is the balance between charity and punishment. The parents, who only caress their children, as well as the parents, who only punish, will never bring up good children.

In Leviticus, 26 God warned the Israeli people, that if they act according to His commandments he will give them rain in time, their field will be fruitful, and no enemy will enter their ground; but if they stop carrying out all his commandments, he will punish them. You see these are the same relations, as between the careful and fond Father and children - infants, which will never exceed him even in the smallest things. Some prohibitions are caused by care of children. Children can be unaware of the reason of the prohibition, but they know, that submitting the orders of the Father they can avoid large troubles.  

God from the very beginning was the guardian of mankind. At first there was care of the first people. When the evil began to win and God decided to flood the world, even then he gave people an opportunity to change their mind: for 120 years Noah had been building the ark, and all these years God through Noah warned people about the future disaster, if they do not stop to create the evil. After the Flood He chose Abraham (in the beginning - Abram) to make holy people from him, who will carry the knowledge of the laws, the belief in the only God and the sanctity through all earth. He gave them the laws, by which they could live, without knowing troubles. He edified them, taught, punished, pitied, worried: «Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared» (Ex.23:20). Then God appoints kings for them and, if the king evaded from the truth and did objectionable, he reelected the king for the best of people. Since 1050 BC up to the 5th century BC kings were nominated by God (including Babylon and Persian).

He gave us The Son, the Part of Himself, voluntary having accepted the tortures to save us. For 2500 years through the Bible He warns us about the forthcoming Judgment. The Judgment over the non-believers. You see the people's belief in Him is necessary not for Him for He is perfect and does not require anything. The belief in Him is necessary for us to be protected from the Devil's intrigues, to be saved and enter the Heavenly Kingdom. 

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