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About the Prostitute, or how to distinguish the true church from false one.

In "Revelation" of John * the Roman Catholic Church is named as the Prostitute sitting on a beast (the Roman Empire). Now in all Christian countries the Catholicism strengthens its influence. Only in religious lives of the two Christian internationally important countries: Russia and USA, the Catholicism had no prior importance. However today the situation begins to change. Today in USA there are more than 46,000 Catholic priests, and shelves of the book stores are filled up with Catholic Bibles. In Russia you can notice that people are praying to the Virgin more than to Jesus. These are the first steps of the Catholic church for reorientation the Orthodox to worship Mary.   

In the photo: on the Vatican coin there is the image of a woman with a bowl in her hands. It is the symbol of the Roman Catholic Church.

The influence of the Catholic Church forms the civil law in the European Union more and more. The Baptist and the Protestant churches are legally classified as sects. The Sunday Telegraph, 1991 of August 25th, noted: “If European federalism triumphs, the EC [European Community] will indeed be an empire.  It will lack an emperor: but it will have the Pope...it is difficult not to think that Wojtyla [John Paul II] realizes this.”

Many of the Catholics today realize the viciousness of the Catholic Church and leave from its bosom to the Evangelical churches. So in Brazil 600,000 people per year left the Catholic Church and joined the fundamentalist Protestant churches. The Roman pope John Paul II at his second visit to Brazil called his followers to struggle against fundamentalist religious "sects". «At the 31st National Conference of the bishops of Brazil..., the bishop Sinecio Bon named the Evangelists a serious threat to the Vatican influence in his country. «We shall announce the holy war; do not doubt about it, - he declared. - The Catholic Church has heavy structure, but when we move, we smash anyone who is lower than we are». According to Bon any means of the holy war will be applied, if 13 largest Protestant churches will not sign the agreement..., which demands that the Protestants should have stopped all the efforts of Evangelism in Brazil. In exchange, - he said, - the Catholics will agree to stop all prosecutions directed against the Protestants» (Charisma, May 1994).

The concern of Vatican has nothing in common with the care of the purity of the faith; it is disturbed only with one thing - authority. Such an authority, which it had once, when everyone up to a king, was dependent on a pope.       

The German king and the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Henry IV, being excommunicated by Pope Gregory VII, crossed the Alps in winter, 1075 AD and met the Pope at Mathilda’s castle in Canossa. The emperor stood barefoot in the snow for three days before the pope lifted the ban of excommunication.  


 *Will be discussed later in the chapter "I make known the end  from the beginning ". 

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