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About the JEWS, Cabbalah And the THIRD TEMPLE

Have you ever reflected upon the question why the Jewish people, in spite of the fact that God constantly did the most improbable things for them so frequently betrayed Him? «Old Testament » testifies of their constant crimes against God.

 Quite recently everyone witnessed the miracles in Egypt, everyone walked through parted Red sea, 3 months later after leaving Egypt God gave the people water and manna in the desert, the people saw with their own eyes  the glory of God in a cloud and after that,  when Moses left them for 40 days on the mountain Sinai for the reception of the laws from the Lord, they built a golden calf  and began to honor it as a god!  

How it is possible to explain that they so easily believed? Or were they insane? Or... were they the tricks of satan? Yes, the last answer will be correct.  

For the Jewish people if they would observe sacred laws God had a plan: « And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation» (Eх.19:6) . Therefore satan did everything possible to tempt people elected by God and to bring them down from the true way.  In order to conquer the world and to win. And once he practically managed to do it: he only missed Noah’s family. And now when all the Jews were in the desert, he badly needed to knock down in the Jewish people the germ of belief in true God. He  succeeded and many people were seduced. That is why during 40 years the Jews were wandering about the desert as a payment for their sin of rebellion against True God.

God constantly warned the Jews not to worship another gods: « Ye shall not go after other gods, of the gods of the people which are around you. For the LORD thy God is a jealous God among you » (Deu.6:14); not to make any images with the purpose of worshiping them... God knows devil’s tricks.. Psalm 96:5 says: : «..For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the LORD made the heavens». 

God required a strict observance of the purity of the Jewish nation to lower to a minimum the influence of the pagan beliefs of the neighbouring peoples on the belief of the Jews in True God. All the neighboring peoples without knowing that prayed and brought sacrifices to the devil.

After 430-year's stay in the Egyptian slavery  more than one generation of the Jews grew in the environment where the Egyptian gods were worshiped. And the golden statue of calf was just one of the bicorn idols of the bicorn god -.... satan, to be more exact: one of his apostasies - the Egyptian goddess Isis which was frequently represented as a calf*.


 The horns of the calf symbolized the half moon, the disk between the horns symbolized the sun. The symbol of the sun -  the disk was frequently represented with a snake on it. (as it is seen on the statue of the calf).

Satan never left the Jewish people «without his attention»  constantly pushing somebody to evade from the true belief. Even wise Solomon at the end of his life (having 700 wives and 300 concubines from the various parts of the world which was also a sin against God) began to serve his wives` gods: Molech, Chemosh and Ashtoreth  (1King.11). Though God Himself visited him twice. (1King.11:9). 


* See also 1King.12:32; 2King.10:29.

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