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Many people can ask a question: since Jesuits are so powerful organization, which hates the Jews so much, why did they allow the restoration of the state of Israel? Everything was exactly planned. Vatican prepared the ground for kindling religious and national conflicts in the Near East since the 7th century, helping to organize to Muhammad religion of Islam. And now they wanted to collect the Jews on the already prepared place and organize there constant conflicts, first, to continue killing them only now with the hands of the Arabs and, secondly, to cause there such bloodshed, that the world would asked the peacemaker to come to the region. And who will be that peacemaker? The Roman pope of Vatican, of course. This is the purpose of Jesuits: to give pope the throne in Jerusalem, that he could rule from there as the head of the universal church of the world, therefore today Jesuits are the driving force in movement for the restoration of the God’s temple.

Jesuit Order divided the world into 83 regions. And through Jesuit provincials Jesuit General rules the world.

The Jesuit General has absolute control above all the supervising organizations: CIA, FBI in USA, KGB in Russia, Mossad in Israel, BND in Germany and SIS in Great Britain. They supervise all drug trade going through Colombia, which has a concordat with the pope.

J. Bush, the member of mason society «Skull and Bonds», was elected to the college of cardinals of Rome long before his president election. Everyone, who observed the election, saw that with the help of some influential forces, and not voting, Bush was elected president. He is their man. For their purpose: economic destruction of USA, they want to establish there dictatorship after the acceptance of Martial Law. Therefore on September the 11th of 2001 the two New York skyscrapers were exploded. Bush’s administration came out of skin creating visibility of threat to the Americans from the Iraq groupings of Osama Bin Laden previously paid by it. However for the Martial Law it was not enough. «Anyway Jesuits will force America to accept the Martial Law» - says Eric Helps.

They want to destroy America economically, to establish the Chinese control above East, Russia - above the north, and Incorporated Roman Catholic Empire (EU) - in the west. They want to make Jerusalem the center of it. 

Jesuits have impregnated many organizations and societies: masons, church of Unity, Mormons, Jehovah witnesses, Christian Science, Colombian knights, Bildenbergs group, Club of Rome, NATO, UN, EC and many others*.

                                                     The Knights of Temple.


The order of the knights of the temple was founded by the monks in 1118AD for the protection of pilgrims who were going to the Holy land. People began to call them Templars because originally their staff was on the territory of former Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem. Members of the order were connected by oaths of poverty, chastity and obedience.

The pilgrims were impressed by the kind of noble knights, who with a cross in one hand and a sword in another flew against gangster groupings; they inspired them delight and respect. For the knights such skirmishes were the means of earning money. The cruisades to the East against Muslim Heretics brought huge profit, and by the end of the 12th century the order became the rich and powerful organization. The knights did not protect poor pilgrims any longer, but they deeply penetrated into all financial structures of the states, where they settled. In the 13th century the Templars were the largest bankers of Western Europe, they were engaged in financial operations of international banks of our time: they established dividends and rents, gave credits, operated private accounts and so on. In magnificence they began to compete with royal princes. In France they actually made empire in empire that threatened not only the royal authority, but also the whole social system. The order even dared to throw the call to the king and refused to pay taxes. Philippe IV, the king of France, was very much disturbed by the growing influence of the knights and convinced the Pope to arrange against them. But the pope hesitated, and on the 13th of October, 1307 the king gave the order to arrest all the knights of the temple.


* More about Jesuits see «The Srectrum» for May the 2nd, 2000; the article «The Most Powerful Man in the World? The “Black” Pop».

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