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ALIENS or                      RETURNING OF 

      out of the serpent's root shall come forth a cockatrice, and his fruit shall be a fiery flying serpent.    (Isa. 14:29).                                      

If earlier creatures who had inhuman abilities represented themselves to people, as the inhabitants of underground paradise or Moon, with the appropriation of space they began to occur before people as brothers from constellation of Orion or Andromeda. Mankind became cleverer and then they began to convince people that they arrive from the constellations of other galaxies. The lie became more and more refined, because people began to suspect, that such frequent visitors can not arrive from other galaxies unnoticed. In the USA, for example, for 18 years already the organization SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) exists, where through powerful radio telescopes the scientists study signals from more, than 1000 stars. But radio-signals confirming the presence of any reasonable out space objects were not received.

Now, knowing about the approach of the planet Niburu (it will be discussed later), which passes the Earth once in 3600 years, through their people they try to convince the mankind that they are the inhabitants of the Niburu (zeta), and that they had already been on our planet 3600 years ago. They are those who taught people sciences and left so many architectural and written monuments, which still disturb the minds of people by its perfection. Well, perfect lie, as it said is 99 % of truth and 1 % of lie. They really left all these monuments... before the Flood. And, of course, they did not depart anywhere for 3600 years too many evidences of their visits were registered, especially for the last 60 years. 


In the rock painting Toro Muerto in Peru (2 photos on the left), presumably 12-14,000 years of age (made by a Neanderthal. Do not forget: a Neanderthal could make images, but he was not a human. See the chapter about the evolution, page 39) and in painting in the cave Val Camonica in Italy (photo on the right), made 10,000 years ago, we see humanoids in survival suits.  


In the caves Kimberley in Australia there are the 5000-year's old images of unearthly essences.  

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