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In 1995 the book by Cathy O’Brien “Transformation of America” was published. The book made the abrupt revolution in the sights of the Americans on their government. Cathy was a CIA mind control slave. Her consciousness and life were completely under its control.

Due to the self-denying help of Mark Phillips, an expert  of mind control who later became her husband, in 1988 Cathy and her 8-year's daughter Kelly run away from their “owners”. Many times they were threatened and attempted on their life. The experimenters from CIA couldn’t expect that Cathy could be deprogrammed and could restore her memory.

At the age of 9 years old Cathy was sold by her father to CIA for “Project Monarch” operation, where with the purposes of study of the predispositions to mind control, children who were often exposed to  a violence and for that reason had   Multiple Personality Disorder were enlisted.   During all these years Cathy was a slave, gratifying the unnatural sexual whims of the high rank governmental officials and also executing the espionage and messengers functions. In the basis of her programming there was an ancient wizard’s method of the mind control basing on the trauma, both physical, and mental. Periodically she was starved during many days, they did not give her the opportunity to sleep, they regularly subjected her to the electroshock, gave her drugs, forced to look, how her small daughter was defiled and so on. The default of any order was equal to death. Trying to suffocate her individuality, she was considered as a rug at the threshold. And, as well as the rug isn’t noticed she wasn’t noticed, when questions of state security were discussed. She, as well as all experimental slaves, should die at the age of 30. But Cathy has perfectly spoiled their plans...

She told about the connection of governments with the drug-business, pornography, and white slaves trade, told about the terrible decline of morals among the world-rulers. But the most awful, what Cathy warned about, is that the elite of the USA and other countries together with Jesuits and Vatican achieve to establish the New World Order (NWO). The only way to the world peace they see in the establishment of the total mind control through their patriotic and religious feelings. Therefore besides patriotic speeches a quoting the Bible on public meetings is popular among them.

Cathy writes: “…no memory of sexual abuse isn’t so horrifying as the conversations overheard in the Underground (U.N.Derground) pertaining to the implementing the New World Order. I learned that the perpetrators believed that controlling the masses through propaganda mind manipulation did not guarantee there would be a world left to dominate due to environmental and overpopulation problems. The solution being debated was not pollution / population control, but mass genocide of “selected undesirables”.

As we see, the governors of the world are very much interested in the total mind control of masses that the world had not known yet, that, as the slaves of CIA, what Cathy was, everyone would be ready to live for his government (or Catholic Church) and to die for it. The technology similar to the biochip is necessary for this purpose. This obvious conformity of scientific achievement to the plans of the Antichrist convincingly proves, that today we live in last days, therefore truth is perceived more fantastic, than fiction.

                      SO, GET ACQUAINTED: IT IS the SATAN.

 “O, no! - you will say, - I do not want to get acquainted with this horned monster with a tail at all”.

“What are you talking about? - the representing will ask, - The Satan is a noble, beautiful and very wise angel. He is the angel of light, and not a monster at all! Many noble people have given their life for him, and many worship him. He is perfection, he is immortal, because he is god, and he wants to help us to reach immortality and become gods! He is the god of love. If you do not want to get acquainted with him, it is your big mistake. He nothing will lose, if you refuse to get acquainted with him! It’s your loss, not his”, - and the representing will depart from you.

Probably, you will sigh with relief and will be internally joyful, that you’ve avoided the meeting with the Satan. But is it so? Unfortunately it's not. The Satan does not wait, when somebody will represent him to us, he enters our life without asking «...the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour» (1Pet.5:8).

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