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The archeologists confirm: THE BIBLE IS TRUE!

There was a man - Ron Wyatt, a correct and frank comrade, a reliable friend.                                                        

He always tried to help other people in everything that he could, sometimes spending for this help the last money. «Dear mine, Jesus will come soon, what is the sense to hold money in bank?» - he said. Before to begin any enterprise he always asked: «Can it help anybody to get in heaven». It was his basic desire and the sense of his life: to help somebody to get in heaven. He devoted all his life to the searches of the traces of events described in the Bible. He passed through many tests: he was more than once betrayed by those who called themselves friends and at the same time adjoined to the research group of Ron for the sake of their mercenary reasons. More than once he risked his life: in Turkey there were dangerous skirmishes with the terrorists. His work was constantly complicated by difficulties with the visas, incidents with governments, threat to confiscate equipment and the results of researches. 78 days Ron and his two sons spent in the local prison of Saudi Arabia as Israeli spies. There were many other difficulties. But the work was done. God allowed Ron to make such archeological discoveries (see www.pilgrimpromo.com/WAR/index.html , http://www.wyattmuseum.com ), which help the believers of the last generation before the Day of Judgment to strengthen their belief in Him and resist devil temptations of the present day.

                                   Noahs Ark


The Bible says when Great flood finished Noah’s Arc stopped “upon the mountains of Ararat (Gen.8:4). It means that the zone of searches of the traces of the Arc should include besides the mountain of Ararat itself the part of the Armenian Plato around it. However, contrary to the indications of the Bible, many times people tried to find any remaining of the Arc only on the mountain Ararat. Their searches were not crowned by success.


When in 1959 the Turkish pilot made a photo of a strange object reminding the Arc, at the top of the mountain in 20 miles from the mountain of Ararat (on the territory of Turkey), many expeditions wished to investigate the mountain. However not everybody could pass through the difficult bureaucratic barriers of the Turkish government. Those who found the object photographed by the Turkish pilot counted it a very strange natural formation. In that time the Arc was latent by the lava after the eruption of the next volcano, and only its top was visible.

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