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                                What is EVOLUTION?


Shortly speaking, it`s a  fairy tale for adults. 
It is
not a science but a theory, i.e. based not on the facts but 
on the assumptions.  

Sir Arthur Kis, who wrote the foreword to 100-th edition 
Darwin`s «The Origins of Species» said “ the Evolution is 
unproved and not provable

Malcolm Muggeridge, a famous British journalist and philosopher 
noted: “ I am convinced, that the theory of evolution … will be one 
of the largest jokes in the books of a history of the future ”. 
Dr. Kent Hovind on the web side  www.drdino.com from 1990
г. still 
has the unclaimed offer costing $ 250,000 for the one who can 
give him the scientific proof that the evolution is true.

According to the evolutionary theory a fish develops into a man 
during a very long period of time, is it right? The question arises 
how the fish received genes to become a man? Because nobody 
can become anybody or anything else if his genes will not allow 
him to do it. Charles Darwin didn't know about genetics at that 
time. He thought that animals had an unlimited ability to adapt to 
their environment.

The basis of the theory of the evolution is the doctrine about 
mutations. Mutations are a change of the hereditary attributes and 
properties of organisms. Thus every human being has 46 
chromosomes containing approximately 100,000 genes,  through 
which such hereditary features as height, color of skin, hair, eyes, 
figure and even character of an individual are transferred.
doctrine assume that these genes are sometimes affected ( for 
example, by an unusual chemical influence ) causing them to 
produce an unusual change in one of the descendant. It is a 
mutation. The supporters of the theory of evolution assert that 
sharp, sudden mutations conduct to an occurrence of new 
species.  In this case they usually give an example with 
bacterium. They say, mutations sometimes make bacterium 
resistant to antibiotics – and if they can make bacterium stronger 
so as to resist antibiotics, they must be able to do the same for 
other creatures.

Dr. Lee Spetner points out that mutated bacterium are all a 
delusion. These mutations do not make the bacterium stronger. 
To kill bacterium, an antibiotic hooks up with the part of the 
bacterial cell called the ribosome. Sometimes a mutation can 
make a ribosome deformed and then antibiotic which can`t  join  
the deformed ribosome can`t kill bacterium. But this does not 
mean that the bacteria has become stronger. The deformed 
ribosome represents a loss of genetic information. It is a loss 
not a gain.

Then Dr. Spetner continues: “All point mutations that have been 
studied on the molecular level turn out to reduce the genetic 
information and not increase it."

In other words, the genetic code is designed for the perfect 
conducting of an organism and all what mutation do is that they 
delete information from the code and cause defects. The 
infringement of a genetic code can be expressed by sterility, cystic 
fibrosis, hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, Down's Syndrome and 
about 4,000 other genetic diseases.


* Every species has its own particular number of chromosomes 
which contain the genes..

**Dr. Lee Spetner  “Not by Chance: Shattering the Modern 
Theory of Evolution”.

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