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The Satan was not chained  under darkness together with the first fallen angels (Job 1:6), and now you know why God did not chain him. So being in the heaven he by his lie and flattering continued to convince the angels to rise against the authority of God . And, you see, that he was very skilful: 36 thousand angels, seduced by the Satan, during almost 2, 5 thousand years could somehow influence the history of the Earth. They were more active at the first stages of mankind, when after the flood people only began to multiply on the earth, because they were interested in distortion of the genetics of the man initially to capture the greater number of people from the following generations.

The Satan rapaciously watched Noah's sons, waiting for the convenient moment for seduction of people, from which Jesus had to come. So, we learn, that it was possible for the Satan, besides seduction of Ham, to seduce or to interfere with the genetics of Shem's son - Asshur (Isa.14:25) and his grandson Eber (Num.24:24); of Japheth's sons - Magog, Meshech and Tubal (Gen.10:2, Rev.20:7, Eze.38:2).

When the Satan understood, that God had selected Abraham's line, he began to sniff up how he could spoil it. Abraham on the God's command left the land of the fathers with the wife Sarah and his brother's son Lot. Since at that time Abraham had no lawful successor because of the barrenness of his wife, the Satan began to arrange the web for Lot. Therefore two of his married daughters with their husbands didn't leave Sodom with them, though Lot warned them. After destruction of Sodom two of his unmarried daughters gave birth from the father Lot to 2 sons, who became the forefathers of the two nations of Moabites  and Ammonites  (Gen.19:37-38). These peoples later became... the enemies of the related Jewish people! And when the time for Jacob came, the Satan managed to seduce all the sons of Seth! (Num.24:17. Seth is Adam's son). Again everyone, except for one: Jacob. From the 12 sons of Jacob – the ancestors of 12 Israel tribes, the three committed heavy crimes during their father's life (Gen. 49). And about the son Dan Jacob said: « Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward. I have waited for thy salvation, O LORD» (49:17). Jacob knew that Dan was carrying the deformed genes, and his successors would be impious people. Therefore in Revelation (ch.7) among the 12 tribes of Israel it is said about the tribe of Joseph's son –Manasseh instead of the tribe of Dan (Gen. 48). All the history of Israel tribes is the history of struggle between God and the Satan for souls of the Jewish people.

 With the help of the laws forbidding related connections with the foreigners, God tried to protect the people, elected by Him from the contacts with the devil angel-hybrid seed. However it, as well as Cain's seed, always tried to become related with the Jews. So, we learn that Ham's offspring: Jebusites lived in Jerusalem (Josh.15:63). And Ebeys (Josh.9) and  Canaanites (Zech.14:21) even became servants of the God's temple. The Devil's seed is artful...

                                                   Devil’s CREATIONS

Let's return to the Flood. The Bible says: « And every living substance was destroyed which was upon the face of the ground, both man, and cattle, and the creeping things, and the fowl of the heaven; and they were destroyed from the earth » (Gen.7:23).

But earth was not born anew: something from the past still remained. Only the flesh of the giants was destroyed, their souls were immortal as soul of the angels. In the Book of Enoch (15:8-10) God says: « And now, the giants who were born from body and flesh will be called Evil Spirits on the Earth, and on the Earth will be their dwelling. And evil spirits came out from their flesh, because from above they were created, from the Holy Watchers was their origin and first foundation. Evil spirits they will be on Earth and 'Spirits of the Evil Ones' they will be called. And the dwelling of the Spirits of Heaven is Heaven, but the dwelling of the spirits of the Earth, who were born on the Earth, is Earth. And the spirits of the giants do wrong, are corrupt, attack, fight, break on the Earth, and cause sorrow. And they eat no food, do not thirst, and are not observed. And these spirits will rise against the sons of men, and against the women, because they came out of them during the days of slaughter and destruction (from the author - the last days) ». These malicious spirits are demons.

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