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Illuminati are the highest and the most elite grade of Freemasonry.  They are devoted, elite of the world.  They have unlimited authority in a modern society and actually rule the world, and also they are keepers of the highest occult secrets.  They are men-gods.  Everything is in their hands. They work secretly. Possessing almost all the world capital, they remove and nominate presidents, arrange revolutions, supervise a publication, TV, radio, education, science.

When Jesuits were suppressed by the Pope Clement XIV in 1773, the general of Jesuits together with Fredric II the Great, King of Prussia, wrote regulations of last eight degrees of Scottish Masonic Lodge, established by Templars. The Jesuit general supervised Scottish Masonic Lodge and searched for cooperation with Masonic house of Rothschilds.  In order to carry it out, he  chose a  Jew Adam Weishaupt, the professor of Law of the Ingolstadt University (a center of Jesuit contra - reformation ), who became the official organizer of a sect  Illuminati  in Bavaria ( West Germany) at May 1, 1776

Actually, the occult organization was established much earlier 1776 by the founder of Jesuit - Ignatius Loyola under a title "Alumbrados". When  over the Europe there were gossips that the Catholic priest established a Spanish Illuminati society of  "Alumbrados", it  was decided to reorganize the society and to give  another title to it  with the  purpose to make the world   believe, that there was  no connection between  Illuminati and  the Rome-Catholic church.

In July, 1782 the agreement on the unity of Illuminati and masons was achieved by Weishaupt. Freemasonry supplied perfect covering and the basis for recruitment of the necessary people for Illuminati. Through degrees of initiation the hierarchy got an opportunity to estimate suitability of the man for the advancement to the high degrees. The rituals of Freemasonry from a degree to a degree become more and more rigid (thus, for example: the initiation to the Royal Arch (7-th degree of New York ritual or 13-th degree of Scottish ritual) requires the ordained to drink wine from the top half of a human skull and to take the oath of blood that he won’t disclose the secret), and only people with the certain abilities and interest in devil can reach the highest degrees.

 The revenge  for the suppression of Jesuits by Pope became the initial motive of creation of Illuminati, and the purpose was determined: to extirpate all religions and to overturn authority of church and all governments of the world  in order to put them under uniform world government (or New World order), controlled by Illuminati - “illuminated” occult intellectual elite (subsequently, as we already know, the views on the Rome-Catholic church of Jesuits changed: they  decided to destroy all other religions by hands of the church itself, and  to reorient the church to service to the Lucifer).

Illuminati is a secret organization in secret organization. Using efforts of masons of middle degrees and having insured from disclosure of the secrets trusted to them, with the help of oaths of death, Illuminati secretly have taken under control all spheres of influence of the states of the entire world. Many years were required before the existence of this secret society within the secret society has became known.

One of the purposes of Illuminati was to impregnate Vatican and to put their man on the Pope throne. This purpose became well- known due to one tragic case. In 1785 a bolt of lightning struck a priest - mason who was on confidential mission for Illuminati. A nun found a hiding place into his cassocks with documents in it. These documents disclosured the plans of destruction of the Catholic Church from within.  


* The day of May the first, was chosen not casually. May 1 – Baltain - Celtic pagan’s festival of fire and also a satanic holiday of witches – Valpurgiev night - one of 10 satanic holidays of a year, which is celebrated with human sacrifices. The international day of labor May 1, actually, is celebrated in honor of the establishment of the Illuminati Order.

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