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P34                     SCIENCE And Bible.

«There is no a single science with so many evidences as the Bible has.» - Isaak Newton;
«My idea follows Your ideas, my God.» - Johannes Kepler;
«Science without religion is crippled, religion without science is blind» - Albert Einstein.

People were always amazed of high organization of the Universe. Everything is measuredly moving on the precisely certain orbits in the precisely certain interval of time and lives according to certain cycles.

Accident? It`s up to you to judge. Elements vital for our life such as  carbon, oxygen and iron, could not exist were it not for the fine-tuning of the four forces evident in the universe.

The first force- electromagnetic. The slight attenuation of this force and… electrons could not be held around of a nucleus of an atom, the atoms could not be combined to form molecules, and then any form of life could not exist. The slight amplification of this force and electrons could not leave the nucleus of atom, so: there could not be a chemical reaction between atoms, without what life is also impossible.

The second force - strong nuclear force - glues protons and neutrons together in the nucleuses of the atom.    Because of it various elements: light as gases - such as helium, oxygen, and heavy - such, as gold & copper can form. If this force were 2% weaker there could be only light elements. If this force was a little bit stronger, there would be only heavy elements but no hydrogen could be found. In this or that case the life on the Earth could not exist.

The third is a weak nuclear force which controls radioactive decay. Any deviation of this force would affect    the     thermonuclear activity of the sun, that would cause tragic changes for the life on the Earth.

And, at last, the fourth force – Earth gravity. If it were a little bit greater , hydrogen would be collected on a surface of the Earth, being not capable to leave it. If the gravity was a little bit weaker, oxygen would disappear. In this or that case there would be the same result – a lifeless planet.

Our Earth has the right size for our existence. Any deviation in its size would cause some increase or reduction of the  Earth gravity, and the effect would be pitiable.

The Earth is at an ideal distance from the sun. If it was only  1 % further from the sun  the ice crust would cover our planet millions years ago. And on the contrary: the small approach to the sun would cause irreversible overheating of the planet.

The Earth goes around its orbit once a day. It is the right speed for keeping moderate temperature. Venus, for example, goes around its orbit with the speed of 243 terrestrial days, that causes extreme temperatures: up to 470 C.

The orbit of the Earth, unlike the elliptical forms of the orbits of comets, is almost round, that also promotes the maintenance of the temperature, necessary for living. If the Earth had the elliptic form of its orbit, its great approach to the sun, or, on the contrary, the removal from it, would result into overheating or overcooling of the planet.

The solar system is in ideal distance from the center of the Milky Way galaxy, if it was closer, the gravitational effect of neighboring stars would distort the orbit of the earth. 

What is this surprising order: the result of accidents or the  result  of the Creator’s acts?

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