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What is the Bible?

This is the word of God to a man. To learn God without reading His word is impossible. “Holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit ” (2Pet.1:21). Approximately 40 men wrote the Bible from 1513 BC up to 98 AD (in total 1600 years), but despite of the  break in time and different educational level of the people, who wrote it , the Bible represents by itself as a single unit, what would  never happen with any other book. All the literary heritage that  we posses and which was exposed to processing and copying have reached us  in a changeable way. The first 39 books of the Bible were written in Hebrew, last 27 - in Greek. The language varied, and it was becoming  more and more difficult to read. Therefore it was translated into different languages.

For many times there was someone who tried to prove that the Bible was simply a fiction, a fairy tale. However through centuries and millenniums, through mistrust, cynicism and check-ups the word of  God came to us pure. All the attempts to subject the truthfulness of the Bible to doubt  were totally broken.

Between 1947 and 1955 the so-called Manuscripts of the Dead sea were found. They were produced 100- 200 years before the birth of Jesus. One of the scroll was the copy of the book Isaiah*. Before that time the most ancient copy of the book Isaiah in the Jewish language was found which was made in approximately 1000 years after the birth  of Jesus. After these two copies of one source were compared only  insignificant deviations in spelling were found in them. For 1100 years of copying the word of God remained unchangeable.

Those who wrote the Bible didn’t aspire to glory, they were moved by only one purpose: to transfer the word of God to people. There was a time, when those caught at reading the Bible were killed, and  burning of bibles  was considered as a commonplace thing. But in spite of anything the Bible hasn’t disappeared.

Conditionally the Bible is divided into the Old Testament  written B.C., and the New Testament  written by the disciples of Jesus. The stories about Jesus, written down in the New Testament were known to people at the time when those who saw Him were still alive. These people beyond any reasonable doubt, could confirm or deny the accuracy of these stories. However in any documents of that epoch there is no refutation of the reality of Jesus.

 portrait.jpg (14476 bytes)   JESUS – is Hi an IMPOSTOR OR the SON of GOD and GOD?

Jesus  came to the mankind 2000 years ago. He was born in a poor family, in a small Jewish town. He spent all His life in one of the smallest countries in the world, besides occupied by strangers. He lived for 33 years, and He devoted only the last 3 years of His life to service to the people. Why then people all over the world remember Him till today? Even the calculation of years in the calendars (in the English language "B.C” stands for "Before Christ", which means: « up to Jesus time », in Russia in the previous years there was a saying: «up to Christmas») reminds us of the fact  that Jesus lived probably the most significant life of all people ever lived on the Earth.  


*Written in the VIII-th  century BC the Book Isaiah contains a great number of predictions about Jesus, therefore namely its authenticity was frequently exposed to doubt by those who didn’t want to admit that the Scriptures predicted  about Jesus  hundreds of years before His birth on the Earth. Several years ago there were found the manuscripts of the book “Numbers” of 2600-year's remoteness. Having compared them with the modern texts in Hebrew practically no divergences with the ancient text were found.

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