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                                           FAIRIES, NAGA GODS


Myths about strange creatures, who from time to time collide with a man, harming or sometimes helping him in something, exist everywhere in world. These beings have different names, however, irrespective of their place they have common features. They live in indistinct places of woods, bogs, mountains, on the deserted cemeteries and in ancient ruins. They either frighten, or tempt, protect cattle or steal children and food, warn about death or eat people, help in home economy or drink blood and so on.


People either admire them or are afraid of them. They can be ugly dwarfs or hairy giants, undersized monsters or perfect girls and young men, awful old witches and wizards or nice small people with transparent wings. However, despite of their external displays, all of them are vindictive, egoists, indifferent or ill-intentioned to people, with which they collide. And even those who show apparent care, are dangerous to a man, though in many cases a man understands it too late.  


Africans are familiar with small hairy spirit named tokolush, who lives near flows and frightens the travelers, and also with the small gray-haired people of Senegal, who dance in lunar light. In Australia people think, that mimis - the tiny spirits, live in cracks of rocks, and they are the vegetarians, but sometimes they eat people. In Iran these are peris, which live in trees. In Japan - Kappas - harmful water spirits, which grasp the swimmers in lakes and rivers, and tengus - winged fairies of forest. In Middle East - afrit and afrita - djinns, which can be good and bad, small and large? Sometimes they marry people. To enter their city, it is necessary to achieve the changed condition of consciousness.


Spirits of desert - ghul and ghulla sometimes eat people. And mazikeen, shideem and shehireem are winged seductive fairies. In Russia they are the cannibal baba Yaga; thirsty for human love mermaids; watermen, kikimoras and leshiys, aspiring to ruin the man; and hairy dwarfs - hobgoblins, which help at home. In the Netherlands - alvens - invisible night fairies. In Greece and Rome they are naiads and nereids -mermaids, nymphs - air fairies, dryads - fairies of trees. In Northern America - mekumwasuck harmful hairy small people of wood; the wood spirit bokwus heats the fishermen, and the Arctic water spirit kul, on the contrary, helps with the catch*.


*Eileen Holland - www.open-sesame.com 

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