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Of course, it does not mean, that a man who has any inherent ugliness is not a man but a monster. Often children who have a genetic disease do not even live up to teen age. It is not their fault that some ancient genes had got to their blood. All their short life the unfortunate pay for somebody else's sin, suffering pain, various restrictions and sneers of heartless people.  Ugly in appearance people often have a kind and noble nature, and those who have a beautiful appearance and various talents turn to be real monsters. Jesus was equally kind with everybody. He gave a precept: « Judge not, that ye be not judged ». (Mat.7:1). 

Prohibitions of marriages with foreigners and acceptance of dirty food (this, as it was discussed above, could somehow affect the pureness of blood) were cancelled with the Christ coming (1Cor.8:8, Tim.4:4; Mark 7:15), as lost the importance (prohibition not to eat blood – is in power (Act.21:25)), as by that time the Devil had polluted almost the whole world by his genes. Probably, each of us to some extent, with external displays or without it, has them, and for this reason for many of us it is difficult to believe in God. That is why God gives a chance of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ to everyone. All of us are equal before God: «.. They which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God: but the children of the promise (from the author – i.e. the believers) are counted for the seed» (Rome 9:6-8).

Certainly, the assumption that the infringements in genetic code of man had arisen because of intrusion from outside (more correctly: «from underneath »), will hardly be accepted by the scientists. And such defects as presence of something completely unhuman: tail, tusks or fur - will be asserted by most of us, as costs of evolution (however, there was no evolution at all! See p.35). But, if the supporters of the theory of evolution will try to explain the appearance of tail and fur as a result of evolutionary mutations, how can they explain the origin of such genetic defects as, for example, Xeroderma Pigmentosum - not sustaining  of direct solar light - typical feature of the inhabitants of the underworld?

This is the rare genetic defect (less than one thousand cases are registered all over the world). Because there of lack of mechanisms of repair the cell damages caused by ultra-violet radiation in DNA. It cause causes irreversible processes. The presence on the sun of such patients can cause menacing life conditions and death.

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