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For this purpose the ideologists of NA actively advance in masses their 5 main doctrines: reincarnation, karma, eternal conflict of yin-yang, human eugenics and balance with the Earth.

Reincarnation (transformation) is the ancient Hindu - Buddha doctrine, according to which the soul once lowered from the sky in somebody's human body, passes a number of transformations from one body into another, living, thus, couple life cycles, improving and becoming wiser, and then, having reached complete development, comes back to the sky. And, in one body sometimes there can be couple souls. This is a very dangerous theory completely contradicting the bible doctrine, has carried away many people. Instead of searching for the God, the doctrine of reincarnation invites to investigate your own "I", to concentrate on your "Ego". 
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 There is one problem with this theory: today there are too many people in the world in comparison with initial quantity of "migrating" souls. Jewish cabbalists hold the opinion that the souls break up to pieces, and everyone bears some part of the ancient soul. However their idea clashes with the central Jewish doctrine of the resurrection of the dead at the End of Days, when each soul is restored to its original body. It is not clearly then, to what body it will be restored. NA has its own vision of soul reincarnation. They consider that there should be “half men”, i.e. people, who have no living soul. The same idea Nazi Alfred Rosenberg pushed in his time, ideologically justifying the fascists for murder millions of the "soulless" people.

The doctrine of karma (fate) is very close to the doctrine of reincarnation. It teaches that this life contains rewards or punishments for good or bad deeds done in our previous lives, meted out by an impersonal mechanism called " the universal law of harmony, which unerringly maintains equilibrium in the cosmos " *.  Not only individuals, but races and even planets are affected by karma.
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This "cosmic law of nature" never makes mistakes.  "There is no such thing as pure innocence, even in a tiny babe. Every soul carries within it the scars of centuries of wrong thinking and wrong doing."** Past lives which are lived wrongly bring about karma which must be worked off without complaint. No one should try to alleviate their own or somebody else's suffering, lest we interfere with the outworking of their karma, upset the balance of cosmic justice, and prolong someone's dreary journey through future lives. In Buddha areas of India, for example, the sick and the hungry of the low caste will be left dying in the street, and nobody will try to help them. According to the theorists of NA the Jewish have especially low potential for entrance in New Age because of their racial karma. Their obstinate persistence on the unique God and their uniqueness as elected people makes them foreign in the Age of Aquarius. The constant hatred to the Jews among other nations, murder of millions in Jewish pogroms and concentration camps is their ‘karma’, pursuing them ***, i.e. they deserved it.

The cosmic balance maintaining  karma is alternately described in Oriental terms as an eternal opposition of two principles of "yin-yang", light and darkness (good and evil), matter and spirit, which are equally necessary both for the man or nation, and for space to be in the perfect integrity. Therefore even God is not sinless, and happiness on the Earth is not possible without sufferings: if it is good for somebody, it should be necessary to be bad for others; otherwise the balance will be broken.

The symbol Yin-Yang on the world flag .


*William Q. Judge, "The Ocean of Theosophy".
**Dr. Rodney Romney, Journey to Inner Space, p.127

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