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Since approximately 1996 the characteristic weather tendencies have changed so critically, that they regularly break all the records in time. The number of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and changes in electromagnetism of the Earth are hidden r by the mass media in the greatest possible degree. Become frequent “suicides” of whales, which obstinately throw themselves out on the coast and die, even if they had been repeatedly put back into the ocean water, are caused by the change in the magnetic field of the Earth, and, as a consequence, disorientation of animals. Mankind is unable to stop the approaching trouble; therefore the governments of the Earth hide the information about the planet from people to prevent panic. They just build underground refuges (about the details see website http://www.detailshere.com/niburu.htm ).

When Niburu, which is a larger magnet than the Earth, passes on the closest distance from the Earth, the Earth will stop its circulation. During about 3 days we will have either night, or day, i.e. the same time of the day within 3 days. When Niburu departs from the Earth, the Earth will sharply take its usual position. This sharp jerk of the Earth will cause the shift of the underground layers («every mountain and island were moved out of their places»), «great earthquake»,  eruptions of volcanoes («heaven departed as a scroll» from volcanic ashes), floods, tsunami and hurricanes. As a huge magnet, Niburu passing through the Asteroid zone, will draw behind itself a lot of ferriferous space dust of reddish color («sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood») and small asteroids («the stars of heaven fell unto the earth»).

According to the forecasts of the scientists the Earth will change the position of the poles: the North Pole will be moved to Brazil, the Southern Pole - in India. Many people will die.

Some people think that the face of the Earth after the passage of Niburu will look approximately like this. You can see in the map, that, presumably, almost all Europe will be flooded. Is not said how deep the flood is supposed to be. It is known, that the aristocracy of England today actively buys the grounds of the mountain areas of America.

The day of Anger of God is very close. Ask Jesus about the help today. Let him prompt you what to undertake to survive from it.

The description of the consequences, which will be caused by the passage of Niburu is absolutely coincides with the description of the consequences caused by the removal of the 6th seal. And it gives us assurance that Niburu has the direct relation to the prophecy about the Great Day of Anger. From the previous chapters we have learned that the Masons of high degrees, Illuminates and Jesuits have taken all the spheres of activity of a modern society under the control, and the ground for the establishment of the one global government has been prepared. To introduce the New World order they need a global accident. It means that just after the accident similar to the passing of Niburu the world government led by 10 representatives will be formed. And if Jesus comes in 2015-6, the world government will be established in 2008-9, just after the global accident. 

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