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Pagan peoples of the Roman Empire had various deities, but as a rule, a sun god, a goddess of moon and a goddess of morning star (Venus) were considered the supreme. The temples to these deities were always decorated with special attentiveness  ... 

    «Oh, all these pagans have such beautiful ornaments, I want such too! I can adopt all these ornaments with crosses, and let the parishioners think, that it is somehow connected with the crucifixion of Jesus», - the beauty was delighted with her quick-wittedness.

The information: the cross, as the symbol, was widely submitted in religious monuments of the before-Christian era. The cross with the lengthened bottom part (Latin) among other subjects was an attribute of Apollo, the sun god and it appeared on ancient coins. Besides that a cross specified the date of death in genealogical books and on tomb monuments long before the beginning of our era. In Babylon the cross with equal sides was one of the attributes of the god of heavens Anu; as the symbol of well-being such cross was represented on the totems of the Inks; as the symbol of life and the attribute of the sun god Amon was known in Egypt. In Scandinavia the druidical cross Tao in the form of the letter "T" was used, which symbolized the hammer of the god Tor. The cross Tao with the form of a tear inverted upwards, established on the top of the cross, was the symbol of the Egyptian goddess of truth Maat and also represented the sexual union of Isis and Osiris*. The Christians accepted the cross as the symbol of Christianity in the 4th – 5th centuries. In the beginning it was a cross with equal sides without the image of Jesus. The first crucifixion scenes didn't appear in Christian art until the 7th century CE. **

The cross in the circle called a solar wheel, and often had 4 or 8 ends (seldom - 16). Everywhere in all ancient religions 4 or 8 spokes wheel represented solar deities. These are the Satan’s symbols. In Egypt the wheel with wings symbolized Horus, later in Samaria people began to add a tail to the wheel with wings for a designation of the sun god  Utu. 

In the Assyrian Empire the cross in the wheel was one of the attributes of the god Assur. The cross with 4 bunches of outgoing wavy beams was the symbol of the Semitic sun god Shamash.




**J.C. Cooper, "An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols", Thames & Hudson, London, UK, 1979


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