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Noses and breasts were pulled out with red hot pinchers; people were murdered in the church during sermon; some people were torn to pieces by horses; some of them were hanged up by one hand with lead dumb-bell  on their heels ; a legion of soldiers cut the pieces of flesh with swords; some people had boots with boiling oil put on their legs; some of them were hanged up on trees by the waist till they died of hunger ; women's bellies were ripped up and their children trod down the bowels ... *.


  On an engraving on the right: the execution of 3 heretics (07.18.1556) . From womb of the pregnant woman the child fell out.  At first it was taken from fire, but then was thrown back. So instead of three "heretics" four were burnt.

In The American Textbook of Popery the terrible pictures having seen by the French soldiers at a capture of inquisition castle of tortures are described. Besides decomposing human remains and mutilated bodies of dying people, they found such instruments of tortures, that could be invented only by devil not by man.

The first noticed instrument was a mechanism with the help of which the victim was thoroughly fastened, and then, beginning with the fingers, all the bones one by one were broken and drawn off, until the victim died. The second instrument was a box in which the head and neck of the victim were so closely fixed by a screw, that he could not move. On the box there was a vessel, from which one drop of water fell upon the head of the victim every second, each drop fell upon precisely the same place; when the water stopped, the sufferer had to endure the most poignant agony.

The third instrument surpassed the others in cruel ingenuity. Its exterior was a large doll, richly dressed, and having the appearance of a beautiful woman, with her arms extended ready to embrace her victim.


A semicircle was drawn around her, and the person who crossed this fatal mark, touched an invisible string which caused the diabolical engine to open; its arms immediately clasped him in mortal embrace, and thousands of small knives cut his flesh  in.

J.A. Wylie in his book History of the Papacy tells that the prisoner accused of heresy was brought in a special room, where in a corner there was an image of the Virgin. He was made to kneel upon the trap-door, and, in presence of the Virgin, to abjure his heresy. The moment he made his confession the lid of the hatch under him was opened and the man fell on the rock, hurting himself to death.  


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