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Aztecs considered the creator of everything the Earth 
goddess Coatlicue – half snake half woman with several 

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Another widely esteemed god of Aztecs was the snake 
like god
god Quetzalcoatl. The leaders Fiji Island Cakaudrove 
think that they are straight offsprings of a sea monster 
Dakuwaqa which could turn to a shark.

In India the believers of Vishnu think that the Universe dies 
at the end of each cycle and breaks to atoms, which go into 
the waters of eternity, whence everything originally appeared, 
and then is born anew again from the shapeless abyss of 
extensive waters. The God –
creator Vishnu had originally 
appeared from the Large Ocean, and his first occurrence was 
in the form of the man-fish. 


Between the embodiments of the Universe Vishnu went 
through chaos of inexistence on the Large ocean by the 
vessel, which was the eleven-headed snake named Ananda
Lahari (or Shesha), which supported the structures of the 

Ananda is the governor of Naga: beings who live in water 
pools and under ground and are half people half snakes

sometimes they have several heads and magic power. 
Another Indian god, Shiva, wears a garland of snakes around 
its neck. One of his epithets is Nagesha which means: the 
king of Naga.

Thus, the myths say that some reptiles which could live in 
water and under ground, and which had unusual abilities, 
i.e. the angel-animal hybrids, appeared from waters and 
either themselves gave birth to people, or somehow 
participated in creating of people and taught them various 
sciences. And if the information about the creation of people 
received from myths, is more, than inconsistent, the 
information that the amphibians taught people various 
sciences, proves to be true from myth to myth.

In the Buddha legends the men-snakes Naga instructed 
people in wisdom near lakes and rivers.
Hindus and 
Buddhists still believe that Naga lives beneath India, Nepal, 
and Tibet.


The famous traveler Tomas Andrew in his book “ON THE 
SHORES OF ENDLESS WORLDS” (Souvenir Press, p. 160) 
"...Even in this jet-age every Hindu is familiar with and 
usually believes in the legend of the Nagas, the "serpents" 
which live in extensive underground palaces in the rocky 
ess amazing magical powers and intelligence. They are not 
too fond of man if he is a curiosity seeker, explorer or 
.. the deep caverns of the Nagas contain 
fabulous treasures, illuminated by flashing precious stones

Andrew Tomas describes his own experience in meeting 
a snake worshipper (page 166-168): "...I decided to go to the 
Kulu Valley in the Western part of the Himalayas to visit 
Naggar, where Nicholas Roerich lived....

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