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The modern man does not believe in existence of the mermaids  
also, because he did not meet them. The majority of people live 
in cities, and this majority forms the public opinion. But people 
are living in deaf villages, near the bogs or forest lakes, still can 
tell some mysterious and dark stories which happened there 
recently. Especially after the war, when having received a lot of 
blood, energy of fear and hatred, these beings were especially 

In past, however, people believed in mermaids, because they saw 
them. The encyclopedia of 1911* testifies: “A mermaid captured 
at Bangor, on the shore of Belfast Lough; in the 6th century, was 
not only baptized, but admitted into some of the old calendars as 
a saint under the name of Murgen (Notes and Queries, Oct. 21, 
1882); and Stowe (Annales, under date 1187) relates how a man-fish 
was kept for six months and more in the castle of Orford in Suffolk. 
The oldest authority, Joh. Gerbrandus a Leydis, a Carmelite monk 
(d. 1504),tells (Annales, &c., Frankfort, 1620) how in 1403 a wild 
woman came through ‘a breach in the dike into Purmerlake, and, 
being found by some ‘Edam milkmaids, was ultimately taken to 
Haarlem and lived there many years. Nobody could understand 
her, but she learned to spin, and was wont to adore the cross. 
Ocka Scharlensis (Chronijk van Friesland, Leeuw., 1597) reasons 
that she was not a fish because she could spin, and she was not a 
woman because she could live in the sea; and thus in due course 
she got fairly established as a genuine mermaid».

On website www.jacksdivinglocker.com it is affirmed that this is a photo of a 
real mermaid, taken in Hawaii in 1998.

In Ireland and in the Island of the Man there are a lot of caves. In 
general the mythology of these places consists of magic legends 
about the small people -
dwarfs or gnomes, who live in caves and 
under ground. The collisions with these
beings were so frequent, 
the philosophers of Europe debated about the origin of these 
underground creations. One Icelandic chronicler of the 12th century 
wrote down the chronicle Historia Norvegiae and there he declared 
that Scottish Picts ** were the race of dwarfs, which «
did miracles by 
morning and evening, but in midday lost their power and disappeared
in holes of land
»***.  However the Picts were not very undersized, and
they certainly, did not hide themselves under ground at noon. The 
chronicler obviously described a different category: gnomes, trolls, 
goblins and fairies - underground inhabitants of Scotland.

In 1893 in Switzerland there were found the remains of the whole dwarf tribe of the Neolith time and there appeared a new theory about the 
existence of ancient human race which had to hide itself in mountains
for the unknown reasons. Because of the lack of light and good food 
their growth and appearance essentially changed. The theory however did not explain the demonic nature of these beings.


Probably, the first official message on collision with one of such 
underground beings
dates back to 1138. Pipin the Short, the father 
of the emperor Charles Magnus, founded Brunia a monastery in 
Trier, suburb of Prussia. The brothers were occupied with farm work 
and grew grapes, out of which they made excellent wine. The wine 
was so good, that because of it the monastery became known in 
Prussia. The trouble took place, when wine began to disappear from 
the cellar at night. The abbey ordered to make strong locks on the 
wine cellar, and only one pair of keys, which he put to his pocket. 

The next morning while opening the cellar all the monks were present. When the heavy door was open, the brothers saw the brooks of the precious wine everywhere on the floor. They went downstairs to 
survey all the barrels. And there one of the monks called everybody to look at the originator of the damage, whom he caught. It was a dark 
skinned dwarf, with sparkling eyes. The monks grasped a torch and 
passed through the cellar to the place, where the dwarf was seized. 
They saw that the stone was taken out from the wall at the basis.

*Pointed Earlier.
** Ancient tribes of Scotland before the Scottish invasion in the 9th century.
*** Wm. Michael Mott, HIDDEN NEIGHBORS: The Genetic Victimization of 
the Surface World. http://www.bridgeoflove.com/bookstore/icke/magazine/vol12/

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