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According to the message of Bryant Stavely in «World Island Review» for January, 1992 in India (Rajasthan) in the new development high level of radiation was found, which source was a heavy layer of radioactive ashes in the area of three square miles. The researches showed that the radioactive ashes were the result of the nuclear explosion which had happened about 8 thousand years ago*! The bomb had the size approximately as those that were thrown on Japan. The archeologist Francis Taylor said that on the engravings in some nearby temples it is said that people prayed to be saved from big light, which had destroyed the city.  

Hatcher adds that in Pakistan and India black glass spheres were found, which at observing turned to be made of clay which melted under the influence of super high temperature. Further the author says that ancient cities, whose brick and stone walls are sometimes fused or have partial glassiness can be found also in Ireland, Scotland, France, Turkey and other places. There is no logical explanation to stone forts and cities becoming glassy except from nuclear explosion.

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These images were found on the ceiling beams of a 3000-year old New Kingdom Temple, located several hundred miles south from Cairo and the Giza Plateau, in Abydos.. You see, how fast they restored the technologies after the Flood. On the 3000-year old temple the machines, which modern mankind has now are represented.

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Figure on the temple in gold mines Kush (Nubia), in Egypt, very much reminds of a rocket.

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*Without knowing the Bible the scientists were mistaken in about 3 thousand years.

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