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The position of the body with hands crossed on the stomach is coordinated to the Jewish tradition of a burial. Only contrary to the Jewish practice, the body was not washed, but was anointed with a large quantity of expensive ointment and hastily wrapped up in the funeral cloth. A sunset was approaching and together with it the Great Sabbath was that is why the funeral rite wasn't complete. It was the reason why the women came to the tomb again after feasts for complete the anointing and wrap the body  (Mark 16:1,2). But the body wasn't there...


Since 1969 the scientists constantly carried out the researches of the Shroud. The expert from the Ghent Institute of Textile Technology, Professor Gilbert Raes took for his experiments the samples of strings of the Shroud. The examination showed that it was flax. The microscopic examination found the traces of cotton, that proof that on a weaver's machine cotton fabrics had been produced also. The analysis of cotton showed that a kind of it is grown on the eastern Mediterranean. Raes came to conclusion that the fabric was made in the Near East.

The Swiss criminologist, Dr Max Frei, took samples of some of the particles adhering to the cloth and was able to identify the smallest particles of the mineral, the fragments of hair and fibers deriving from plants, bacterial spores, spores from mosses and fungi, and pollen grains from flowering plants. He proved that some pollen belongs to the flowers growing only in the areas of Jerusalem. The conclusion of the scientist: the Shroud came from the Jerusalem area.

In March 1977 in the United States there was a scientific conference on the research of the Turin Shroud. Besides the representatives of the clergy scientists of various directions, including the US Atomic Energy Commission, the spectroscopy division of the Los Alamos Laboratory and others took part in it.

The physicist Dr John Jackson and the aerodynamicist Dr Eric Jumper, using the technology of the three-dimensional image, proved that the image on the shroud was created not due to the direct contact with body, but to some radiation of the body, as the intensity of the image on the Shroud depends on the size of degree between body and fabric at examining the image in the three-dimensional sight.

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