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These are the same kidnappings and seductions of people by the same inhabitants of the hell. Only since 1849AD (we will talk about this date later)  they have to be more inventive and cautious. Creation of new kinds of hybrids: greys and insect like, such as praying mantis, who people had not met before, helped them to deceive the majority of mankind. People began to take them for the entities from other planets. The last two decades the cases of kidnapping people have become more often.

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Victims of such "space" attacks either remember nothing or remember, that several hours of their life disappeared, and they could not find any explanation to this; or recollect that they were taken by the greys. Under hypnosis men manage to remember that their sperm had been taken and some medical experiments had been carried out. Women remember that they had sexual contact with someone cold, that they had been pregnant and had been bearing a child, and then bore in very short time or the fetus had been taken out by surgical way. Many of them experienced withdrawing of an ovule. However greys have no productive organs. So they are only the suppliers of human material to the same gods and Naga. And now as well as earlier they continue their lustful business, only now they are using intermediaries: the greys.

Pediatricians of the world noticed that during last 10-12 years often children which differ from “common” children are born.  Their difference is so striking, that they have received special name “Indigo children” by indigo color of their aura. In 80-th Nancy Ann Tepp announce to the world that a new generation of children with aura of indigo color is born. She said that Indigo children are more developed, more smart,  more independent that is why they often have created troubles in a collective.  And also she clamed that more then 80% of all newborn are indigo. After her book nobody arise this problem again until to a middle of 90-th when it was noticed that it is for real absolute special children  have  born. And they are not 80%  but a small number. For distinguish them the word "Indigo" was used which became to that time almost a synonym of the word "extraordinary". However between Indigo children who Nancy was talking about and Indigo children of the last decade there is a great difference that is why such extraordinary children of the last decade sometimes called a Crystal children.

Nancy called "Indigo" just erudite enough children who have a irresolute character what is not unusual for present time. The access to any kind of information (even to a prohibited information), which young  brain absorbs fast, lack of love from extreme busy parents caused children to become more egoistic and independent and very often as a result of their desire to hide themselves from this cruel world they have psychological inclinations such as an extreme  introvertedness or on another hand an hyperactivity. 

The Crystal children (last generation of Indigo)  are distinguished by incredibly high intelligence (in 7 times above the norm), size of their skull is greater, than of other children, therefore more often they are born not by natural way, but with the help of the Caesarean section. The temperature of their body is lowered. They are practically  never sick, sleep a little, begin to speak, to walk, to read, to write on a year or two earlier then another children of same age. They have steadfast sight and knowledge, which do not correspond to their age; therefore they seem to be small adults in children's bodies. Indigo children have super ordinary abilities: clairvoyance, telepathy, can move subjects with mind and treat people and so on. Their DNA is distinct from the DNA of other people (instead of two human polynucleotide chains bound with each other it has twelve! -  www.marlana.org/dna-new-information.htm). 

Often they said that they are sent on Earth from another galaxy in order to save our planet because our planet is dying (you can read for an example what Russian Indigo talking about on website  http://english.pravda.ru/science/19/94/377/12257_MARTIAN.html or click on the word "HERE"). 

UFO-Star Visitors Researcher, Behavioral Scientist, Exo-Anthropologist, emeritus University Associate Professor of Psychology, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist doctor Richard Boylan, investigating a phenomenon of “Indigo children”, has come to conclusion (http://www.drboylan.com/kidxplr2.html ), that these special children were born from the people after a contact with the entities from other planets, who have withdrawn sperm or ovule from a person, and after changing it with the help of the gene engineering, biomedical technology, put it back in the person. The doctor also notes that indigo or star children are considered those whose consciousness is telepathically connected to the star visitors and those who are direct embodiments of the «aliens» in a human body. Cleared from a verbal peel, in simple Christian language the declaration of the doctor will look so: star children are angel-human hybrids, mediums and possessed.

The doctor easily agrees with the fact that indigo children are hybrids, because he considers that all people are hybrids. He thinks that aliens created us as a special breed, having crossed their own genes with the genes of a Neanderthal man. The doctor perceives with enthusiasm the intrusion into the human gene pool, considering it one of the ways of the star visitors to modernize mankind, preparing it for the introduction into the Intergalactic community. «As marriage, interbreeding - even blood donations , - the doctor says, - carry forth advanced DNA and ripple out into the general human genome for the next few generations, eventually all of humankind will be functioning at a more advanced level».

If such credulous souls as Pamela and Boylan support the intervention of other creatures in human life, the majority of those people, who also have collided with them, can not convince us in opposite way any more, because they were killed by these "perfect" monsters for their egoistic purposes.

On the website  http://usuarios.uninet.com.br/~mfpporto/ET%20%20RELATED%20HOMICIDE%20IN%20BRAZIL.htmthe fragments of the article of G. Cope Schellhorn «Human Mutilations» published in International UFO magazine for the 14th of July 1995 are given. The author studied in detail strange cases of people's death in poor areas of Brazil. Being well familiar with other strange cases of death of cattle in the USA (on the same website – articles by George E. Onet), he noticed identical traces of wounds in both categories of cases. Both cows and people were lacked of internal organs, eyes and soft parts of an eye with an eyelid, tongue and mouth cavity, sexual organs, bowels and anus, soft tissue of face and neck, ears, some muscles of the body.

In all cases it was noticed that neither animals, nor men had not resisted, there were no traces of struggle; the bodies did not expand for a long time (in blood the presence of antiseptics was revealed); there was almost no blood in corpses, or it  was there in small quantities; the cuts on the body were made with surgical accuracy and had the form of right circle or oval; through the cuts of 3 or 4 centimeters in diameter almost all the internal organs were taken out; the edges of the cuts were either smooth, or indented, made with the tool unknown to the medicine; by the medical  opinion the operation was carried out quickly and precisely, probably with laser, searing the edges at once; microbiological analysis showed that on the edges of the wounds there were much less microorganisms, than on other sites of the body. The most shocking thing was that at studying one male corpse it was found out, that the withdrawal of tissue had been made during the time the man was alive (photos - http://usuarios.uninet.com.br/~mfpporto/Go%20Ahead%20Bloody%20Harverst.htm).

At first all these cases were attributed basically to ritual murders, but the skill, with which the bodies were spoiled, did not leave doubts that it was made not only at the maximum professional level, but also by the method, unknown to modern medicine.

The author concludes: « If this case is originally connected to UFO - and at this time I have no any reason to doubt of it, then all of us are facing necessity to overestimate.. Our preliminary conclusions concerning the possible certain intentions, moral prospects and general purposes, which some of our unearthly visitors can have».

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