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How is it possible to explain, that the problem of disappeared children becomes aggravated all over the world with each year. According to the official data, in the USA, for example, since 1982 the annual number of disappeared children has increased on 468 %! According to the report of CIA, published in 2001, the number of disappeared children for 1999 was 750,000 that is 90 % from the total number of disappeared people for this period. In other words: the average of children in the age to 17 years old lost each day was 2,100! (The data is taken from http://www.china.org.cn/e-white/20020313/4.htm - - server controlled by Press-office of State Council of CHINA). 

Where do the children vanish without leaving traces? The majority believes that many of them become victims of sexual abusers, and some were sacrificed by Satanists. According to the book of William and Sharon Schnoebelen «Lucifer Dethroned. A true story» * in the USA there are 450 Satanists groups, and out of all the annual Satanist holidays - 9 can be carried out with making sacrifices of children**. It is impossible to explain 2100 disappearances a day only by these reasons. Again - the corpses of children were not found. May be, the originators of kidnappings are the «the angels of the inferno».  As in old times fairies -reptoids continue their dirty business.

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They have made everything for the mankind forgot about the existence of their kind. They were always very cautious and never left their things in the world of people. In all myths you will find stories about how fairies, dragons, gnomes and others could persistently and for a long time pursue the man, if he took any, even absolutely trifling, thing from them. By force or deceit they always got this thing back. Even the corpses of these entities disappeared.

 However, after 1870-s they became extremely cautious. Their occurrences to people became very rare. On the website of an professional art studio (http://www.endicott-studio.com/gallery.html ) by analyzing the painting of previous centuries with the images of the mythic entities it was said that from the end of 1870-s painting of pictures with their images stopped. It means that they had ceased to occur to the artists, had ceased to raise their imagination. It is by this time when the photo became accessible to general public ***, and if the picture could be judged as imagination of the artist, the photo can be the proof of their existence. 

 * The author - former Satanist, mason and even Catholic priest, by a fatal mistake had made incorrect choice in youth, and for 22 years he conjured, participated in orgies, convincing and involving others to do the same together with his wife. But when he approached the fatal line, having stepped over which, as he knew, he could already never be as he used to, he asked Jesus for help. And Jesus helped him to leave from under the control of the Satan and to avoid death. Being the active and highly educated man he reached the 32nd degree of freemasonry and achieved high degrees of the Satanism. Becoming the Christian, he opened to people all the secrets of the Satanist organizations, and helped many people to choose a true way. In his books he proves that even various harmless at first sight spells-incantations of white magic are reference to the Devil. Once having begun dialogue with him, the man puts his soul under big risk.

** It can be the useful information to know the Satan holidays for  in the days of these holidays and several days earlier to be especially careful about where and how your children spend a time. 2/02, 7/29- 8/01,  1/17, 11/ 04 - sexual sacrifices (raping) of girls from 7 till 17 years old.   5/01,  4/26-30,  7/01,  9/20 - ritual murder of girls. In Christian holidays: Easter and Good Friday; 10/31, 12/23 - ritual murder of a person of any age and sex. 9/22 and 1/1-7 - murder of a man.

*** The first real photo was made in 1826. Because of long endurance the photo could be made only, if the object of shooting was in immovability for some minutes. Besides it the photographer needed to have a lot of equipment and good knowledge of chemistry. Since 1851 the time of endurance of a photo was reduced to several seconds, but it was necessary to develop it immediately after shooting. The photographers traveled in the carriages with a dark room for developing the film. In 1871 due to opening by the British physics R.Maddox it was not so necessary to develop the film immediately. And at the end of 1870-s the photographers could already make a photo, holding the camera in hands.

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