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Some NAgers are sure that there is a special alchemically conceived with the purpose of terrestrial leadership blood line - Sangreal, or Holy Grail. The dynasties Grail are the lines of Messiahs.

                                     grail188.gif (7295 bytes)

And in spite of the fact that since 751AD the Pope began to assert the emperors at his own discretion, the true royal bloodline (Merovingian) was always kept in "purity" and was under the steadfast attention of generations of genealogists. According to Gardner the blood of Grail dynasties are distinguished by special « mitochondrial DNA of the Dragon Queens». All kings of Europe strove for being related with the descendants of the Merovingian.

And though the believer, who knows the Bible, clearly understands that the story of Jesus life is perverted and slandered, irrespective of the lie being groundless or having as its basis real occurrence of some people, who for some egoistic reasons named themselves Maria, Jesus and Joseph*; though any Satanist realizes, that the symbol of the Holy Grail, used mainly by the Celtic church in Ireland and Scotland: the cross inside a ring– it is a conventional Satanist symbol, any way many people take a great interest in the idea, that Jesus had descendants.
The cross of Celtic church.

It is a very artful idea of NA, preparing people for the fact that Jesus' coming, which is waited by all the Christians, will take place from Europe, to be more exact: from the descendants of Jesus himself the next "Jesus" will be born. On the Israel governmental website http://www.israel-mfa.gov.il/mfa/go.asp?MFAH0d0e0 it is said: « For cabbalists the Star or the Shield of David represents the national religious symbol connected to the End of Days, for Messiah will come from the descendants of David».

 Therefore, as never earlier, we notice such unusual interest to the English royal family: William can apply for the role of the next "Jesus".


                                      In the photo: Prince Charles and William.

For this reason on TV we so often saw the charming face of the princess Diana and heard about her charity. People refused to understand that the princess spent for charity as much as the estimate of the spends on charity, authorized by the Royal Council, allowed. The princess did not conduct a sinless life: her connection with the Muslim millionaire Dodi Al Fayed was discussed in press. The princess never spoke about her belief in Jesus, on the contrary: it was always known about the occult practice of royal families of England **. Diana died 8 years ago, and publishing houses let out more and more new books about her life, magazines print the items about her piety, on TV they show records with her occurrences. Why? Because NA tries to make a goddess from her: another Mary - mother of Christ.


* Joseph of Arimathea, who removed Jesus' body from the cross (Мат. 27:57). For some reason Gardner thinks that actually he was Jesus' brother – Jacob (i.e. was from the same bloody line, as Jesus).
**Margaret Murray, The God of the Witches, Oxford U., 1931, p.160-61;
Tim Cohen, The Anti-Christ and a Cup of Tea, Prophecy House, Aurora, CO, 1998, p. 161-63

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