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In the picture which finishing a cycle all children of the world are bringing the weapon to the European boy (in the center). The picture is symbolical: here it is said that the world catastrophe will be finished by the one world government. These are the mason plans. The author of the pictures is Leo Tanguma said that he draw these pictures according the order.   
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 Is it true that the question about the overpopulation of the Earth is so important, that in order to save its ecology is necessary to reduce the population of the Earth? The map of the population of the world will show you that only some parts of Western Europe, China and India are overpopulated. Reputable scientists offered proofs that the earth is not overpopulated at all, but the available land and food are not being managed efficiently.  Colin Clark, former Director of the Oxford University Agricultural Economic Institute, counted that with today's technology enough food can be produced to feed 35.1 billion people according to "the American-type diet" using only 50% of the earth's land mass. Roger Revelle, former Director of the Harvard Center of Population Studies, determined that it is possible to provide a 2500-calorie diet for 40 billion people, using only 25% of land - and having enough left for growing fiber, rubber, coffee, tea, and even tobacco! 

Most likely the hierarchy of NA strives for another purpose, namely: the management of the population of the Earth, which is possible only at smaller quantitative population of the planet. And the problem of ecology, no matter how sharply it stands, serves only as the covering the real plans and means of attraction to their side a greater number of people, who are really concerned about the ecology of the planet.

Whom the propagandists of NA would like to see among those unhappy, who should be annulled in the name of prosperity of mankind? Many of them. But first of all, certainly, those who prevents the realization of their plans: people with "backward" principals of life who do not wish to change their belief: the Christians and the Jews. Hitler said that a Christian is a Jew of more liberal persuasion. “When humanity has solved the Jewish problem (with the understanding and cooperation of the Jew)... it will do so by fusing the problem in one vast humanitarian situation. When that happens [the dissolution of the "Jewish race"], the problem [the presence of "separation" and "hate" in the world] will be rapidly solved and one of the major difficulties will disappear off the face of the earth.  Racial fusion will then be possible... and then there will be peace on earth."  (Alice Bailey, Externalisation II, p.77).

Why only two groups of the believers appeal at NA anxiety and hostility, you see the Catholics* and the Muslims also recognize only one God also. Because the theorists of NA know that the last two categories of the believers not only won't interfere in the realization of their plans, but will even help them as the supporters of the religions created by the same master - the Satan.

The follower of the principals of NA, Hitler, already announced himself as the Christ. German youth were indoctrinated from infancy to pray before a portrait of Hitler, who as they were taught was sent from heaven to protect them. (Sklar, p.56)  However Catholic churches not did only  protest against this obvious blasphemy, but, on the contrary: welcomed. At Nazi-approved sermons in German churches it was proclaimed, "Adolph Hitler is the voice of Jesus Christ."


* Theoretically the Catholics are the Christians, but I intentionally separate them from the true Christians, as deceived believers. See the chapter «About the Prostitute».

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