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When the Satan had shown his true face of man- and god-hater, the two hostile camps of angels were finally formed, it was the last straw for the God, and the court was held in the heaven. It was decided that there is no place in the heaven for those who had loved evil, and, after the heavenly war, in 1849 the Satan and his angels were thrown to the earth. Now only two ways out became possible for them: to win human souls together with the Satan or to lose together with the Satan. The glory or death. And there was very little time left. The new methods were necessary, methods that were unknown to the world yet.

The best, refined and unprecedented hitherto a deceit of mankind would become possible only when mankind will moved up on the highest level of scientific achievement. Then it would be easy to inspire it that everything is in human power, then it would be possible to lull people's fear before  God, and by taking them into space, it would be easy to convince people that there is no God in the sky. And when the time comes, it would be possible to present his entire Satan's various breed to the mankind under the mask of other-galaxies space brothers . The new technological level was necessary also to help mankind to create the mass destruction weapon. The Satan is very interested in reducing the population of the Earth by any way, when its less it  easier for him to take it under his control. Therefore the achievements of the medicine in comparison with sciences, which has the  devil interest in it, are much less significant.

 Mankind progressed slowly, and there was little time left. Then, like before the Flood, but this time invisibly, the angels of the Satan began to teach mankind. So mankind in 60 years after the invention of the light bulb already had the first COMPUTERS and first nuclear bomb, in 12 years more the first space satellite was put into the orbit, and in 4 years more a man already visited cosmos.

The Satan desperately strive to make a man forget not only God, but him as well. With his efforts the Bible began to be perceived by many people as literary monument of the antiquity full of legends, and angels.  God and Satan began to be perceived as mythic creatures*. The theory of evolution invented by him helped to support this lie. The uncountable scientific discoveries helped mankind to believe in the limitlessness of human knowledge and in self-divinity.

Since 1940-th  the Satan has been preparing a man to the fact that soon we shall see perfect alien creations with our own eyes. Naturally, all these creations have the same secret knowledge, which legendary gods-men Atlantis had. The Satan made a good job for prepare a ground for the acceptance of this idea by people. Today any archeological find referring to the time before the Flood and confirming the existence of ancient and high developed civilization, is perceived by people as the proof that gods-men existed. The Bible explains that gods-men were actually angel-human hybrids and fallen angels, but the Satan had withdrawn people from Bible so much, that they believe more to any science-fiction suggestion, than to the Word of God.

Today the population of Earth is divided into those who donít believe in the existence of aliens, because they hadnít seen them with their own eyes, and those who believe that there is the more advanced race of alien creatures because they read and heard about them a lot. It is the ideal situation for the Satan, because very soon the supporters of the first group will join the second one: evil spirits are preparing for the apparition. Now they speak through their human intermediaries and represent themselves as deities and  also they trying to make more hybrids -Indigo to withdraw more people from God with their help. 

A man has seen only a few versions of evil beings: Nordics, reptilians or reptoids, draconians, greys and looking like praying mantis. Their time to appear to us has not come yet. Nordics (angels fallen after the Flood or angel-human hybrids), draconians (angel-human hybrids), reptilians and, probably, praying mantis (the angel-animal hybrids) by appearing before a man are breaking the conditions of the contract (that is very common for all of them), therefore, basically, only the greys - artificial hybrids, biological robots who do not appear in the conditions of the contract - communicate with a man more often. Most likely, they are supervised by the demons. The greys prepare us for the fact that soon we shall see the broadest variety of the other-galaxies space brothers.

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