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P 54

The prostitute was never squeamish аbout sleeping in «other 
people’s bed», building her holy churches on "holy" places, 
as for example this church in Cuzco (Peru) was built directly 
on the base of a pagan sun temple. It is possible that there are 
still traces of human blood on the stones left of Inca sacrifices, 
when the church began its construction.


Can dirty place become a holy one? Can people who respect 
and afraid of the All Mighty, act in such a way? We can find the 
answer in 2King10:27, 23:8,10,13, where it is said about how 
Israeli king Jehu not only broke statues of the pagan gods, 
destroyed their temples, but also made these places a refuse 
dump so those places were hated by people. For 1.5 thousand 
years of history of the Israeli people described in the Bible 
nobody ever think to build a temple to God on the damned 
place. The Bible teaches where we should build a temple of 
God: «…you shall seek the place where the Lord your God 
chooses…to put His name for His dwelling place; and there 
you shall go» (Deu.12:5). Even a child can understand that 
God does not select His holy places among those which had 
already been chosen by the devil.

But for the prostitute building tricks seemed not enough. A 
ceremony was necessary, where every sun-worshipper could
find something familiar.

  «Come to me every pagan, I am so easy and 
pleasant, you will be comfortable with me
, - the prostitute 
persuaded, -
you can in a bosom of my church to pray to a 
sun god. Just now you need only to name him as  Jesus. 
Think: why not? This is a beautiful name

Thus some people were really entered into error and 
considered Jesus as a sun god. Look at the Roman coin from 
the 3rd century A.D. (Probus, 276-282): on the reverse we can 
see the pagan sun god driving a chariot of four horses. The 
chariots were the integral part of sun worshipping (2King.23:11).
The inscription “SOLI INVICTO” means «the invincible sun». 


Mosaic (on the right), dated 3rd century A.D. was found in Vatican 
grottoes under St. Peter's Basilica. The sun-god Helios / Sol, 
riding in his chariot here is represented as Christ.


In a favor of the sun-worshippers the Prostitute decided to enter 
a new element into service. In Mass the pope carries among the 
congregation this sun like Monstrance disk inside of which is 
round bread, called the host, Communion or Eucharistic meal. 
At this time all people in church fall on their knees and pray. 

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