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"Mohini draws energy from the male sexual fluid," he answered. "Besides the pleasure of sex, this is her main interest. Of the bodily fluids, saliva is the most similar to semen; that's why throwing a white stone upon which you've spat is a sure way to divert her attention. People who drool while sleeping unknowingly invite this kind of succubus to take control of their bodies." 


Indian Naga - Mohini is the same Celtic fairy seducer  Leanan Shee. Both have "narcotic" influence on the victim, leading him to the condition of joyful euphoria, to the peak of sexual pleasure again, and again, and again, exhausting all energy from the victim, therefore the man dies.  Not only Naga, but also many kinds of their offsprings can make illusions: become invisible or accept various images. Sometimes a victim of their attacks is put into hypnotic condition, which Medical Science calls “sleep paralysis”, when a man can feel everything sometimes see these beings, but can not move any muscle.

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Often having selected the victim of their sexual solicitations, demons- seducer return to that man again and again. And if safety measures (prayes to God) will not be undertaken, it can cost to him (her) life. In Irish legends it is always possible to notice special selectivity of essences of the underground world, their attachment to certain persons, families, members of specific ethnic or tribal group.

Michael Mott in «HIDDEN NEIGHBORS: The Genetic Victimization of the Surface World» retells the story which happened to the inhabitant of the state of Idaho Timothy H., who has Scottish relationship. When he was a child he stayed with his grandfather in Scotland. Once, when he was driving around on his three-wheel bicycle, on one abrupt turn he fell down and bruised his hand (Timothy is still sure, that the hand was broken). When he was sitting there alone and crying, a small man no more than two and a half feet high suddenly appeared and helped him. He approached to Timothy and cured his bruise almost instantly. In a few minutes Timothy's parents, searching him came to the place of accident, and the small man went far in the woods. The parents did not believe their son's story, but his old Scottish grandfather did, and he told Timothy, that only people of Gael tribe, and more often children, see this underground people. Timothy's grandfather was right that these devil essences prefer certain ethnic group; however they can occur in any point of the planet and at any time, especially when magic rituals are promoting.

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