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A French emigrant Rene Ash Rendolier arrived in Savannah, the state of Georgia and he settled down in poor area rich in seamen and prostitutes. His appearance was so unusual, that other people avoided him. His height exceeded the norm very much; his face and body were covered with thick hair, similar to wool. He was fond of tormenting hens, dogs and cats. People timidly bore him until in 1797 he killed a woman and two little girls. After the murder Rene run away into an extensive system of tunnels and catacombs under the cemetery, having grasped the girls' bodies. He was hiding himself in that huge cemetery, surrounded by a wall, presumably, digging out tombs and eating fresh corpses. At last, he was traced by the crowd and hung up. The local legend says that his restless spirit often visits the cemetery and tunnels under it up to this day. According to the certificates of the inhabitants of those places, gnawed round and broken up human bones and courses dug from tombs were found in these tunnels.

The painting of F.Goya - Saturn is eating his children.

If the behavior of the separate man can be explained by mental frustration, this argument loses its force for estimation of the reasons for similar behavior of the whole family.   So, one century before Rene another human monster – Sawney Beane was walking on the ground in the south of Scotland (again Scotland). He lived near Edinburgh at the times of King James VI. Sawney did not want to work on the farm of his family; he escaped from home in searches of easy life, having taken his girlfriend with him. They settled down in a deep cave on the coast of Scotland near Galloway. This cave, as it is considered to be, is more than a mile long with many twisting passes and unknown tunnels conducting in depths. The pair began to plunder and... eat unfortunate travellers. Sawney and Madam Beane began to reproduce like rats, having given birth to fourteen children, which in their turn by mixing blood caused the second generation of eight grandsons and fourteen grand daughters. The children of the family Beane were losing their human characteristics more and more, becoming more blood thirsty and corrupted. This family team terrorized countryside within more than two decades. It was valued that more than one thousand people was killed from the hands of this dirty family.

One evening the Beane team was trapping a man and a woman who were walking through the area. Beane women attacked the poor woman like animals, having cut her throat and hasty exhausting blood from the wound. They began to draw the woman's body and eat her entrails before the eyes of her shocked husband. 

Sudden occurrence of group of horse riders frightened Beane, and they escaped dragging the body behind them. But, trying to avoid chase, they left the body, and the husband showed to the horse riders the remainings of his wife and told them what had taken place. Having arrived in Glasgow, he informed the authorities about the tragedy and in a few days the King himself in support of four hundred soldiers arrived in the named place. The hounds led them to the entrance into the cave. The soldiers lit up torches and entered the dark den. What they saw there was like a nightmare: bodies of men, women and children dismembered and hung on hooks; heaps of salted organs and a huge number of stolen riches. The cannibals were sleeping after night sorties. They were surrounded and taken captives. The king forced them to march in shackles to Edinburgh.  Men were quartered without court and women were burnt. The cave, which these human monsters had made their house, was never completely investigated, and, as the local inhabitants trust, it is often visited till today.

The history knows a lot of names of human monsters similar to Sawney Beane. The term «the serial killer» became daily in practice of police departments. They pursue and rape children or young men and women. They often eat human flesh and drink or bathe in blood of the victims. Richard Chase, «Vampire of Sacramento», and Jeffrey Dahmer poured out blood and organs of their victims into the mixer and drank bloody cocktails. Some of them participate in necrophilia  (sexual desire toward to corpses) as Russian Andrey Chicatilo did, or eat corpses.

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