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In the recently issued book «Underground Alien Bases» Commander X, the author remaining unknown, gives some confidential information received from the CIA agent    that confirms UFOs arrive from under the Earth. The so-called aliens established their underground bases everywhere on the planet in the ancient tunnel system. The entrances, as the author says, can be found in many main cities. Some governmental and military officials cooperate with the aliens in hope to govern the population of the Earth.

14. Cases of kidnapping people by the «aliens» with the purpose of transferring some information about them to the world have become more frequent. It means that the inhabitants of hell prepare to  appear in the nearest future, as the Holy Scripture prophesies (see the interview with a reptiod www.anomalous-images.com/text/lacerta.html and also you can read one of the latest their message "DO YOU WISH THAT WE SHOW UP?").

15. The greys assert that their world had passed through some catastrophic changes, which our Earth will pass shortly. They also assert that "hybridization" is a mutual requirement for the survival of both human race and the greys. The mankind should be modernized to the higher level to go through the arriving terrestrial changes. By this statement they justify kidnapping people and performance medical experiments on them. They warn the kidnapped to reconsider their view of life according to new circumstances.

The Nordics try to convince mankind that reptoids want to win our planet, and in order to resist them, the mankind needs the injection of fresh Nordics' blood. By their order Hollywood carries out the ideological preparation of broad masses, indefatigably stamping horror movies with many sorts of blood thirsty reptiles. They want to make us believe that their final purpose is to help  mankind. 

But, as you remember, fallen angels and their hybrids always were interesting in blood mixing with humans whether  it was through sex or through a blood drinking as it practiced in every satanic organization (Nordics are talking about the injections of their blood which is even more dangerous  then drinking) . That is why God aware people do not drink any blood and even do not eat any animal which could possibly be in contact with these devil creatures (see p.135). The blood of fallen angels differs from any blood known to people. It is a poison for human spirituality. It can change tragically his personality, his life values, his way of life.     

16. According to the messages of the Christian organization of Michigan «Echoes of Enoch» (http://www.echoesofenoch.com) after the wreck of the «aliens» spaceship in 1964 at Hollowman the agreement between the government of the United States and the greys was signed which assumed an exchange: the USA received a technology from the greys in exchange of the sanction of construction of underground bases and tolerance to kidnapping people by the «aliens» for the extraction of genetic material, necessary for their experiments. 

According to the recent messages greys did not keep their agreement with the government. They stole more people, than it was coordinated, and killed more cattle. The messages tell about the fight in the underground complex Deluce with three killed militaries from Security Department forces. Now the government realizes its powerlessness to stop greys. What is interesting is that circumstance, that all unique technology handed to people by the «aliens», can be to some extent used both or for control above people, or for destruction of people.  

Since such information itself sounds fascinating, and besides, it should be confidential, it could probably be accepted with some shade of skepticism. However the attentive study of the numerous facts about the interaction of aliens with the people worldwide submitted by the Internet today can bring down anyone’s skeptical tone.                                                                                  page171.jpg (22503 bytes)

                In the picture - Many people still think about abductions by aliens as romantic adventure.  

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