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Cabbalas teach that love means the equivalence and the man can share love only with a person who has the common values, purposes and methods of their performance. And, on the contrary, man hates a person whose values, purpose and  methods completely contradict his own. Therefore in order to achieve love of God people need to become similar to Him or to be equivalent to Him. This is the sacred mission of each man especially of the Jewish man.

In the Russian newspaper "News" from November 4, 2000 in his interview rabbi М. Lanthman declared: « the Purpose of Creation is to lead all the mankind and each individual to another level of existence - to the level of the Creator when they will be capable to rule the world. We, Jews, are created to seize His plan and then to take possession of the world together with Him or instead of Him in order  to unlock a way to the spiritual worlds for all mankind ».

Cabbalah`s theory was examined by German theosophists, it was completed and  copied according to the interests of Great Germany and became at last the philosophical basis of the fascism. And as the elected nation should be unique those camps worked with redoubled forces in order to destroy the rival: the Jewish nation. « A tree is recognized by its fruits » says the Bible. Cabbalah which appeared in the bowels of the Jewish people became the reason of the destruction of more than 6 million Jews. These are the  fruits of the satan`s doctrine.

«... And in general, there is no connection between Cabbalah and the religion, - recognizes Lanthman,- the Proof is that an ordinary religious man does not know Cabbalah at all and does not recognize it.. « hazara-be-tshuva » or the returning to faith has nothing to do with the attitude towards spiritual work which must be done by the Jews. Today we can see that an installation on the religion conducts the country to an awful split. It is also possible to see an improbable hatred towards the religious people in our society. The real reason for hatred to the religious Jews is the fact that they do not carry out their spiritual mission. The reason of hatred to all the Jews in the world is that they do not carry out their mission in relation to the mankind.. ». This is the point of view of all Cabbalas.

Now it is obvious that the majority of the Jews being influenced by empty Cabbalah teachings gave up to a certain extend their faith and Christ believers are in disgrace for it is said: « And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake » (Mat.10:22).

If firstly Zionists saw that their task was to help to the Jews from all over the world to return to their land of  ancestors but now the priority is different :the restoration of the God`s temple as the symbol of unity and hope for all the mankind. They hope that with its construction in the East there will be peace at last. Cabbalas consider that the restoration of the temple will help to restore the broken connections with the Creator and then the Jews will witness miracles and prophecies again.  

Actually here we deal not with the restoration of the temple but with it’ rebuilding. The temple was built twise.The 1st temple was built in 955 (950) B.C. by king Solomon. His father David believed that this place was the center of the world. Solomon’s temple was destroyed in 587 B.C. by Babylonian army. In 419 B.C. (2Chr.36:22) the temple was restored. In the 70th it was completely destroyed by Rome. Only Western wall of the temple was left. Now it is called the Wall of Crying and is considered to be a sacred place for Jews. There are no other signs of these temples on the hill Zion besides the Wall of Crying.


                                        In the photo: Western wall, Jerusalem

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